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Re: NecronomiCON, necromancy, and other humankind glories....

I thought 'Hijo de Perra' was 'Son of a bitch', the other HP. :-)

Dark MaP wrote:

> Spoiled Sports.... with Sacred Sensitive Sentences.
> hahaha.  :-)
> CWLee wrote: (snip)
> >Next thing you will be telling us is that something is not true just
> >because we saw it on TV!
> Be aware... May be you really believe in the Big Brother Production?
> How long is the percent of trusty things you daily watch on TV, read on
> newspapers.... or click on the net?
> Amen.
> Friends, we never know.
> Our task here is to dig the misteries of whatever we could think the Vms be.
> The best way to protect yourself is DON'T TAKE ANYTHING AS TRUST.
> I say "Trust is not out there. It's into yourself."
> Adam will say now that i'm mad. All right.
> Steve m wrote:
> >I recently read Dee's Library Catalogue. I don't recall seeing the
> >Necronomican listed, though I could have missed it or it may be listed
> >under a different name. Lovecraft of course said he made up the
> >Necronomican, though some people believe he had access to the book on the
> >astral plane. Are you suggesting the Voynich MS could be the legendary
> >Necronomican?
> The name is Necronomicon (with an 'o'). The page I referred about it says
> that Lovecraft didn't knew about Necronomicon legend when he wrote it
> (coincidence? wow. i dont think so.)
> I'm not suggesting the Voynich MS could be the legendary Necronomicon. It
> would be really cool huh?!!
> I think Necronomicon should be longer than our VMs. Just a few hundreds
> pages more.
> The only remote thing i'm suggesting is that if John Dee reached the VMs
> could be 'cause he supposed it to have obscure knowledges. You cannot say
> that if you only see the pics on the folios. But, if you'd wrote a
> necromancy text.. don't you'd wished to camouflaged with misc pics?  Yeah, I
> know, some of you don't agree... then I ask you "why not?"
> ¿Why not to consider several posibilities?
> In the other hand, I've been reading a Rudolph II biography and never list
> de adquisition of our VMs, which is notable if you consider de high $$$
> amount that he paid. Neither is listed any reference about our friend
> Jacobus de Tepenecz.
> The book is "Rodolfo II de Habsburgo (El emperador insólito)" by Philippe
> Erlanger, published by Editorial Espasa Calpe, translated by Gloria Alonso
> de Jáuregui. 1974. ISBN 84-239-1556-5.
> I wish that this book don't be so trusty. So I will not need to say "You
> also cannot trust everything what you can read".
> If Lovecraft accesed Necronomicon on the astral plane... what could impede
> him to know the beasts and djinns that populate the abyss??..... :-O
> Don't you think the Ctulhuh's monster is lovely?? :-)
> I will be waiting for the Harms' N-Files. :-)
> Do you (Harms) really contacted with Colin Low?
> I have another one links but I won't give them away so anybody'll try to
> "re-spoil my sport"  :-)
> Farnell wrote: (snip)
> >Dark MaP is obviously not a native English speaker, perhaps the hoax goes
> >over
> >much better when translated.  In fact, being translated adds to
> >credibility and makes it very difficult to check cited 'references'.
> Touche! I'm a native Spanish speaker. But if Lovecraft created the history,
> what's about older theories about Necronomicon? Older than Lovecraft.
> I've been at the Biblioteca Nacional, in my local Buenos Aires. I couldn't
> access documents about the Necronomicon, John Dee and Roger Bacon 'cause
> they are'n intended for the public, but only 4 d investigators.... :-(
> In fact, I knew they have a 17th. century text about John Dee's spiritual
> experiences, a latin written Ms about the Necronomicon, and some Roger Bacon
> works... out of phyisical range to me.
> (H.P. Lovecraft... did you know... H.P. comes to be the spanish acronym for
> "Hijo de Puta" -"Son of a bitch", on english.)
> No more own thoughts.
> Comments/Suggestions?
> Best 4 all,
> DarkMaP
> (Don't trust anything. Trust nobody.)
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