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Re: VOYNICH encryption program and a cracker

Look for Crack Voynich. You will get a self-extract file containing a cipher program called VOYNICH (in English). It takes a text and a five-digit number and enciphers the file. In French, the instructions say to run CRKVOY1.EXE , give it the file name, and it returns the five-digit key. Then you run CRKCODE.EXE , give it the file name and the recovered key, and it produces the decrypted file as DECODE.VOY . Two encrypted texts are given as examples.
I certainly hadn't heard of this VOYNICH cipher before (and no, I haven't tried it on the real thing).

The software is pretty good.
I played with it a few minutes  :-)

Who is Alexandre PUKALL? What gived him the idea from Voynich?
He uses a basic substitution/compression scheme, like a ZIP or RAR.
I don't know French but the keys are arbitrarily assigned.
Did you guess the cool of the method? The crack-program guesses the password by parsing the header in every "coded file". The header is ":-(" , the first 3 bytes in an archive. The it simply needs to test every password posibility: it performs a Brute Force attack over itself method! haha, any amateur coulda do it. Hey! It includes me, I've developed a similar method for ciphering TEXTS (only works with DOS' .TXTs). I used a similar scheme, but the software is on english. Anybody with time to play and anlayze my method? :-) just request me the EXEs (I still didn't finished the remodelation of my web site :-( )

Best wishes,


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