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Re: D! IV

Dark MaP,
    This is a standard 'character' in the VMS (actually probably a compound
character). The dot you are seening under it is just an anomaly in the
photocopy. You can ignore it. There are many samples of this character in the
same paragraph. There are also many dots throughout the manuscript that are not
part of the proper text. Look at the end of the paragraph above the one you
reference. You will find the same standalone character without the dot
underneath. By the way, I believe you are actually referencing f80r. This
character occurs numerous times in f83r. There are a few times that the author
of the VMS uses a dot. It is found in the middle of f54v within a circle (which
together are possibly a reference to the sun and/or gold), and is also in one
of the symbols on the same folio that looks something like -\_.

Dana Scott

Dark MaP wrote:

> I've seen something uncommon 2 me in folio 82v. At third line from the
> bottom, third word from the left.
> It seems to be a "?" char. I did a color enhancement and a background color
> blur so it allow to decide if it's a vellum texture or an ink mark.
> I cannot impede my rush so I decided to send a GIF-snip from what take my
> attention. Although, the dot for the "?" symbol appear to be very small in
> comparison with the rest of the chars.
> Thoughts?
> Regards,
> DarkMaP
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