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Re: D! IV

Hola MaPa Oscuro,

    I think that you would be pleasantly surprised by the linguistic talent
available through the VMS discussion group.  I wouldn't be surprised to find
quite a few people who understand Castellano. Choose your language.


Todos nosotros aqui estamos encantados en ayudarle lo mas posible. (All of us
here are pleased to help you as much as possible).

Dark MaP wrote:

> Dana wrote:
> Dark MaP,
>      This is a standard 'character' in the VMS (actually probably a
> compound character). The dot you are seening under it is just an anomaly in
> the
> photocopy. You can ignore it. There are many samples of this character in
> the same paragraph. There are also many dots throughout the manuscript that
> are not part of the proper text. Look at the end of the paragraph above the
> one
> you reference. You will find the same standalone character without the dot
> underneath. By the way, I believe you are actually referencing f80r.
> This character occurs numerous times in f83r. There are a few times that the
> author of the VMS uses a dot. It is found in the middle of f54v within a
> circle
> (which together are possibly a reference to the sun and/or gold), and is
> also in
> one of the symbols on the same folio that looks something like -\_.
> Regards,
> Dana Scott
> *********************************
> OK. I resign. :-)
> I've been reading every and each of the Voynich sites related to and from
> our list members and I miss the transcript files 'voynich.now' and
> 'fsg.new'.
> Since there is no great tags indexed in most of important search engines
> scanned thru meta-search engines, I should like to know where may be
> downloaded from. Or if is needed to get'em emailed from somebody in the list
> whom could have it. I will begin the building of a tool for coded text
> analysis next June (I'll be less busy then :-(  ).
> I'm novice in the list so I'm still compilating missing folios...
> Parallely, I'm thinking on write a spanish resource info about the EVMT.
> 'Cause I haven't seen anyone in my language. The problem is: there is so
> many material. Well, only Patt (Patience) will be my friend  :-)
> Best wishes,
>          DarkMaP
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