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Structure in herbal section ?

In Charles Singer's masterful article on the herbal in antiquity
he describes the structure of the Dioscorides manuscript herbals 
as such :

1. The name of the plant is given first, followed by a Greek or 
sometime Latin synonym.

2. Then comes a short description  of the plant, followed by
a reference to its place of origin or habitat.

3. Lastly, the mode of preparation of the drug and its uses 
in medicine are detailed.

Can anyone find such a threefold structure to the text in the 
herbal sections of the Voynich ?  If so there may be some 
repeating tokens (or patterns of such) at the end of the second 
bit of text  referring to the place of origin or habitat, and at 
the beginning of the third section of text referring to the 
mode of preparation.

Adam McLean
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