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Alphabetic ordering of herbal names ?

It appears that Dioscorides originally arranged his herbal
in a number of sections supposed based on some 
classification system. However, later manuscripts
rearranged the plants under the alphabetical order 
of the plant names.

Can this give us a clue to the Voynich language ?

If we assume that the first word (or close to first
word) of the text on each herbal page refers to the
plant name then if we can assume these are in 
alphabetical order, it may give us some clue. 
>From a quick look at Stolfi's excellent pages in which
he has coloured each word of the Voynich folios in
such as way as to indicate their degrees of 
uniqueness, it appears to me that about half of the
initial words are Stolfi white indicating that they 
do not appear anywhere else in the herbal section.

Does anyone have time to look at these two 
possibilities that might reveal something about the
structure of the Voynich language ?

Adam McLean
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