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Re: British documentary about John Dee

Jim Reeds wrote:
> Donald Laycock's "The Complete Enochian Dictionary".  Has
> a long essay before the word lists start.
> Laycock was a real scholar but his publisher an occultist,
> so in places Laycock slightly disguises his opinions with
> irony.

I couldn't have put it better. He also disguised his
opinion to ensure interested occultists would buy
the book. His opinion was:

1. The phonology of Enochian is typical Elizabethan

2. Ditto the grammar, thinly camouflaged under 
   a hotch-potch of words sounding vaguely 
   Hebrew, and others much like the magical
   incantations of the grimoires of the time.

3. Kelley took Dee for a ride, and Dee
   swallowed it whole (but there are hints
   he  might have come to his senses very

Any offers for my first edition  copy, with
an autograph dedication in Enochian letters?

(Nah, only kidding -- what would I do with 
the few hundreds it would be worth at the