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Re: British documentary about John Dee

Donate it to the VMS repro to CD project at Beinecke. -:)


Jacques Guy wrote:

> Jim Reeds wrote:
> > Donald Laycock's "The Complete Enochian Dictionary".  Has
> > a long essay before the word lists start.
> > Laycock was a real scholar but his publisher an occultist,
> > so in places Laycock slightly disguises his opinions with
> > irony.
> I couldn't have put it better. He also disguised his
> opinion to ensure interested occultists would buy
> the book. His opinion was:
> 1. The phonology of Enochian is typical Elizabethan
>    English.
> 2. Ditto the grammar, thinly camouflaged under
>    a hotch-potch of words sounding vaguely
>    Hebrew, and others much like the magical
>    incantations of the grimoires of the time.
> 3. Kelley took Dee for a ride, and Dee
>    swallowed it whole (but there are hints
>    he  might have come to his senses very
>    late).
> Any offers for my first edition  copy, with
> an autograph dedication in Enochian letters?
> (Nah, only kidding -- what would I do with
> the few hundreds it would be worth at the
> most?)
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