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Jakob Barschius / Bartschius / Bartsch

    > Jakob Bartsch or Jakob Barsch is the name's german translation
    > or the other way Bartius/Barschius is latinezed version.
Right.  Was the possibility "Barschius = Bartsch" investigated?
Where did the theory "Barschius = Bares/Baresch" come from?

Look at what I found:

    Worthing Astronomical Society
    No 13: JORDANUS FLUVIUS River Jordan

    This river seems to have two inventors. Petrus Plancius in 1613, 
    and Jakob Bartschius, Keplers son-in-law. 

Kepler, need I remind anyone, was "right there"...

Google lists a gazillion "Bartsch"es.  I recall finding many 
"Baresch"es in Austria, while the "Bartsch"es seem to be mostly
in N. Germany or beyond (very rough impression).  Two
random samples: 

    Bartsch, Dorothea (~1670 - ) 
    b. ABT 1670 in ,Neurode,Silesia,Prussia 
    spouse: Teuber, Johannes (~1658 - ) 
    - m. 20 JAN 1693 in Seifersdorf,Neurode,Silesia,Prussia 

    Gotland(Sweden) - Medieval Churches - Bäl
    Holy Rood and font 13thc.
    Altar piece by Johan Bartsch 1664.

Many hits are for a Bartsh in France who did a famous catalogue of
Rembrandt's paintings.

Speaking of which, one of my "academic brothers" is a Julien Basch
from France... well, surnames often mutate, and you all know that in
this field all sorts of funny coincidences tend to happen... 8-)

All the best,