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Re: Jakob Barschius / Bartschius / Bartsch

Just one other comment on the Obsolete Constellations site - The Sky and
Telescope article asked if anyone knew of a precedent in the Zodiac showing
two "lobsters" for Cancer.

"No 3: CANCER MINOR The Little Crab
Cancer Minor lies between Cancer and Gemini. On the old maps it looks more
like a little lobster next to Cancer which looks like a big lobster. It was
added by Stanislaus Lubienitzki a Polish nobleman astronomer (1623-1675)."

- Pam

Jorge Stolfi wrote:
    Worthing Astronomical Society

    No 13: JORDANUS FLUVIUS River Jordan

    This river seems to have two inventors. Petrus Plancius in 1613,
    and Jakob Bartschius, Keplers son-in-law.