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Re: Jakob Bartsch / Bartschius / Barschius

Jorge Stolfi wrote:

> The other question is whether there was any Georg* BARTSCH living
> in Prague at the right time.  Rafal, a while ago you reported on
> your search through some Prague real estate register; would that
> be a good place to search?

I obviously looked for similar names, too, and - as I reported -
the nearest was Jiri Benes (s-hacek) which would be rendered
Georg Benesch in German. 

As you know, this is also a very popular name - the president
of Czechoslovakia before the war was Benes, too.

I think that chasing surnames while we do not know anything
else about him is perhaps not the best strategy. Orthography
was rather flexible at that time - even for proper names.
But the Kepler connection should not be forgotten as 
it does look interesting - even though probably the similarity
of surnames is accidental.

Best regards,