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Re: VMS -- Professional Photocopy

I too am willing to make a contribution and right now is a good time to let me
know where to send the money. Next month may be too late for me for the rest of
this year.

Dana Scott

Jim Comegys wrote:

> Dear Voynicheros,                                                      15
> march 2001
>         I believe that having an accurate and  legible copy of the Voynich
> is fundamental to progress in deciphering or  discovering the language of
> the VMS.
>         1. I will cheerfully pay my share of getting a copy made.  I imagine
> others will, too.
>         2.  Is someone looking into getting a copy made?  How are we doing?
>         3.  Is the project too complicated for us?  If so, let's get bids
> from experts or whatever one needs to procure the better copy of the
> Voynich.
>         I am too far away to do this thing personally and I lack the
> technical expertise.  But I can encourage and contribute---who will join me?
> Jim Comegys,  Madera, California
tel;cell:(408) 439-3509
tel;home:(408) 985-4274
fn:Dana Scott