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Re: VMS -- Professional Photocopy

On Mar 15, 20:17, Jim Comegys and	
On Mar 15, 22:14, Dana F. Scott wrote about photocopies.

Excerpts from their email, with my comments interlined:

>From Jim:

> 	2.  Is someone looking into getting a copy made?  How are we doing?

Yes, a bunch of us are looking into this. We have selected a
probable vendor, and are awaiting a formal estimate. Unfortunately,
the vendor has had an unexpected delay (connected with opening a
branch office at Yale) and is way behind schedule. I will get
anxious if there is another month's delay.
> 	3.  Is the project too complicated for us?  If so, let's get bids
> from experts or whatever one needs to procure the better copy of the
> Voynich.

Yes, it is too complicated.  A number of experts independently 
recommended one particular vendor.


On Mar 15, 22:14, Dana F. Scott wrote:

> I too am willing to make a contribution and right now is a good time to let me
> know where to send the money. Next month may be too late for me for the rest of
> this year.

I wish things were far enough along to be able to say where to
send the money.  The plan was to set up a non-interest-bearing
bank account to hold such funds, but until the formal estimate
arrives I didn't think it worth while to actually set it up.


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