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Re: Bathing in that green liquid

Hello Jovra,
   Reference to the naked ladies, FERTILITY, sterility, green juice (algi bath;
St. Patrick's brew?), and medicinal recipes all appear plausible within the VMS;
but there is more, a lot more. The identified plants have a wide range of
medical applications. Plant reproduction was not understood as it is today. I
think the focus of the author is more centered on the plants than on the naked
ladies. Look at the positions of their hands, arms, legs, and the direction they
are facing. These positions may all relate to different stages in an
experimental process similar to those that were well known to alchemists. I have
also suggested that the pure white naked nymphs may also correspond to seeds
(dicotyledons). There may actually be two groups of ladies, nymphs undergroud
and astral ladies above ground among the stars. These mysteries are a part of
what make the VMS so fascinating. A great deal can be learned about this famous
manuscript even befoe a proper translation of the text. In fact we no doubt have
a great deal more information available to us now than was available at the time
this manuscript was written. Most of us I think are fascinated by the elegant
complexity of the encrypted text. With a certain amount of diligence and the
wealth of expert knowlege available within this discussion group and on the
internet, I am confident that we will solve this mystery, within my lifetime at

Jovra wrote:

> Hello,
> Sorry, if I am bringing here things which where already
> said in this mailing list ... I am new and ... not perfect !!!
> So, I'd like to make a comment about the drawings representing
> that green juice in which women with expresseless faces are bathing.
> Since in the Middle Ages, the color green is ssociated with
> fertility, vegetal and human too, it could be possible to interprete
> the drawings representing these women bathing in that green juice
> as a recipe for female FERTILITY, I mean : how to make sterile women
> have children.
> The recipe  - or treatment - is consisting of :
>         - a bathe in a special preparation
>         - the performing of some rite like : holding other women hands, etc.
>         - ....
> Under this assumption, we can establish a list of vocabulary words
> (related to this purpose) that we can expect to find in the
> neighbourhood
> of these drawings !
> One can point out : how bathing in a special liquid can help you bear a
> child ?
> Another way of putting it is : can REALLY these drawings represent a
> recipe
> against sterility ? - Well all I know on the subject is that in the
> Jewish
> tradition, women once a month must go to the MIKVEH for purification,
> then
> only they can come close to their husband ... The mention of this rite
> should
> be found in the Talmud (sorry I have no Talmud at hand right now - I
> will check
> later, or maybe someone knows ?). To me, this tradition of the woman's
> bathe is
> in a way linked with the reproduction.
> So the Voynichese recipe could be derived from the Jewish Mikveh
> obligation ?
> At this site, one can see a green wedding dress, with a clear
> allusion to a future pregnancy (The painting is by Van Eyck)
> http://sunsite.sut.ac.jp/wm/paint/auth/eyck/arnolfini/arnolfini.jpg
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