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Re: VMS -- Botany (f??)

Hello Jovra,
   All that I write within this disussion group is in the public domain and
is offered freely without restrictions. You may use any information I
provide as you see fit. My goal is simply to help in unraveling the
mysteries of the VMS and enjoy participating in putting the pieces of the
puzzle together.


Jovra wrote:

> Hello Dana,
> Thank You very much with for your detailed reply.
> Yes, I will try to connect to this site on fortunecity.
> Starting with the Latin Name you provided, I already got some
> interesting lists of these plant names :
>   - Latin <-> Local Name (Hungarian, Danish, Lithuanian, Dutch, and
> Chinese)
> It is already a long job to collect the information, but it is maybe
> still
> a longer one to synthetize the information on a web Site !!!
> Since the job you did concerning the identification of these medicinal
> plants is a very precious one (or more precisely, fundamental) for the
> understanding of VMS, do you plan to make a WebPage listing all these
> links
> you gave in your emails !!!
> Whether you do it or not, I could, with your permission, mirror
> your links list, with of course the mention that it is your work.
> As a second step and following your survey, I could add the list of the
> web sites
> giving bilingual plant names (an in a later step, I could build my own
> plant names list - This the VMS plant list will be finished)
> I also plan to establish a list of the languages WRITTEN
> before 1600.
> --All the best !
> --Jovra
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fn:Dana Scott