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Re: American plants in VMS

Hello Jovra,
   Thank you for the reference. Hopefully, we will soon be able to identify
these plants. I'll see what I can come up with.


Jovra wrote:

> Hello Dana,
> While re-reading :
> http://voynich.nu/aes.html
> I have come across this :
> In 1944, Hugh O'Neill, a renowned botanist at the Catholic University,
> identified various plants depicted in
> the manuscript as New-World species, in particular an American sunflower
> and a red pepper (O'Neill,
> 1944). This meant that the dating of the manuscript should be placed
> after 1493, when Columbus
> brought the first sunflower seeds to Europe. However, the identification
> is not certain: the red pepper is
> coloured green and the sunflower identification is equally contested.
> --All the best !
> --Jovra