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Re: VMS -- Folio Thumbnails and Enlargements

   Here you may access a set of folio thumbnails and enlargements:


Dana Scott

"diane.cousteau" wrote:

> Hello!
>           Being relatively new to the list, there are a few things that I
> still have trouble with, and the main one is I do not have access to all the
> pages of the VMS...you seem to be doing a great job with the plant
> identifications, but it would make things a lot easier to understand for
> newbies as myself if you could add links to the actual page you are talking
> about.  When for example you say f08r looks like Coltsfoot, you give lots of
> pics of the plant but none of the folio!
> Could you tell me where I can find the folios you are referring to?
>                           Thanks and good luck with your future endeavors,
>                                                        Diane