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Re: American plants in VMS

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Jordan Lund wrote:

> To say nothing of the increasingly growing evidence for pre-Columbian
> contact with the Americas. Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland for example was built
> in the 1440's and contains clear, carved representations of corn cobs and
> aloe.
>                                             - Jordan
>                                             lundj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dear Jordan,

Although a Scottish friend has assured me the Rosslyn carvings are very
clear, without seeing them I'm skeptical of the identification of these
plants as corn (maize) and aloe. And even if it were truly aloe that was meant
to be depicted, the genus Aloe is African, not American, and so doesn't present
such a geographic problem. That said, there are also carvings said to resemble
corn (maize) in the 12th-13th century Hoysala temples near Mysore, Karnataka,
India. See:  Economic Botany 43(2), 1989, pp. 164-180.


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