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Re: Visual Encoding of VMs

Dan Moonhawk Alford wrote:
> Q: why does the Sphynx have the body of a lion and the head of a man? That's
> Leo and Aquarius

Sagittarius also has a human head, so it's Sagittarius and Leo.
Virgo also has a human head, so it's Virgo and Leo.
Libra is mostly pictured as a woman holding scales, so it's Libra and Leo.
And don't forget Gemini.

I'll stop there (but I had a neat idea to press Capricorn into
duty, except you might think that it  is far fetched. Here it
is: Capricorn has the head of a goat, the hind of triton.
Satyrs have the hind of a  goat, a human head and torso.
Tritons have the tail of a fish, a human head and torso.
Mutatis mutandis, Capricorn is entirely human, and, with
Leo, it makes a sphinx!)