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Strange gibberish

One of the theories about the VMS is that it is
glossolalia, meaningless gibberish. Several
instances of such gibberish have been posted
to the list, and Web sites containing examples
of glossolalia. This, stolen from sci.lang,
is worth a look at. The author is Italian,
and it shows in the spelling of some words
("ipotetically" for "hypothetically"). It is...
... interesting.


"Jacques Guy" <In.Unum.Spamum.Credimus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 wrote in message news:3AC3A490.F1ACD915@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> By having a different vocabulary.

-- dad,  what is dialect?
dialect is a set of  *archaic* metaphors(called vocabulary)
*linqued*  together by omniversal rules (called grammar).

-- dad, what is language..than?
language is a cluster of dialects *humiliated to death* by
*de-linquent* gangs of  nomads, geo-politic designers
called lingui-rapers.

-- why would they do that?
interinseicitu humanae naturam est... that innate eternal dream
a dutch friend of mine would describe as "slapend rijk worden"....

[my comment: note the nonsense Latin: interinseicitu humanae
naturam est]

-- how can you get rich while sleeping?
;-)) ever heard the greek tale of Paris? if Hermes were a
Charroslinnean he would say *DiViDe and Concoct*

-- it sounds like "minestrone"....
;-)) indeed...son,  that's a good metaphor...
you see, humans have some kind of "natural feeling" for
*cooperation*...this process takes place through minor
local conflicts.....which, at a certain point in time, would
end giving birth to a fully conscious global village,...IF...

-- but why would someone try to retard this evolution?
as I said....*divide and conquer* means just that....This
is an aristocratic way of stealing .... it is primitive but it
works all the time.....do as I say: provoke disagreement
among two individuals...till they reach the cooking point
of almost *no return*..deadly war/fight; choose the right
time and come, dressed as a herMessia, between those
two contendants...act as a good bi-el-Ankh-ed broker.
be as impartial as possible ....gain their trust....that's it....
Schindlehr & Conquer is also the science of *dissection*
like *scheid-kunde*... a sceince that has had its autentic
splendor when it was tested and purposed as a benefit
to human-kind....alas, innovations always tend to bend
to whor-edom... like Nuclear Power..for example...

-- is this all?..where is the "gain"..el gannar...el dinnero?
well,...what the two contendants don't realize is that YOU
are have now become their master...you've just gained a lot
of "personal data" ..you know their private life, weakness,
intentions, way of thinking, goals, man-woman relation, their
sexual habits, traditions, wealth...this is capillair penetration
pervasion,  captors of *true confessions*.... a system far
superior than any *ipotetically independent* FBI , CIA,
STASI, KGB...law enforcement organizations put together
could ever dream of.
I'm  your_*slave*_AND_your_*master*... think about it.

-- yes but....where is the point?
child...really,  don't you see it?...
make sure these two contendants never reach a full agreement.
so that they will keep coming back to you for more advice......
they will remunerate your brokerage with more money, they
will adopt you as their *Judge* their *King*, their *Emperor*
till the highest degree is reached...O-limpiu...the perfect circus
the pure O of Gi-otto(or was it Gi-sette?)..and finally GOD.

-- will I then be the One and Only?
;-)....no, like a sheperd you will need a DOG....make it, if that
pleases you, a Doge, a Duke, a herDog, Dux, Duce...Deuce...

-- were these...all DOGS?
yes, Dogs, Khan's, Cani, Chiens....Science, Scene, Movie...

-- scission!...you mean there are *more dimensions*?
FIVE....to be precise...five like PENTA..five like the
Olimpic Chain...five like the Pentagram....Music and the
Homeric Muse of Amusement....the sound of silence of
the lamb lays down in broadway..cause we got to get in
to get out....

-- who's the broker?
;-) broker or breaker?
the broker is the most insignificant person in the world,
the poorest, the victim, the persecuted one....the good
samaritan...a saint....a banker...a lawyer...get it?

-- that's funny...are humans so retarded?
yes they are, no less funny than "three baboons".

-- dad, one more question....what is alphabet?
I answer to this question with another question: what's the
reason behind these *.gif, *jpg, *txt, *wav, *.exe...etc?

-- ooh my holy sh...you mean.. written languages can be
-- sub-coded?.... like as a virus??!!

I hear you asking -how do they work?-..."sound"..
remember?....you don't SEE what you HEAR but
you HEAR what you SEE....cap-isci?

-- you mean..everybody can create his own alphabet?
of course...you can create your own alphabet and store
all records of many thousand years of achievements.
like *discuss*...to name one...

-- *discuss*? what should that mean?
this *favellum* is the formula(preambulo) to obtain the key
to the greatest entity in our OnnO-verso...*Peace*.

-- eeh!? do you mean....*Peace = 3.14*?
yes, but remeber....always use *our special keyboard".

-- dad, who, in your tale, are the *Good and Bad*?
WE, we are all *good and bad*...everything depends
on us...we create and we destroy....we are Eat and Shit.
He and She, Illu ed Ella, PPv-Illu et PPv-Ella; no humans
in between ..only Pure Peace......no judges no kings no
emperors no saviours......only purepeace.

--Who is the *Ugly*?
next time ;-)

-- dad, I'm tired...may I go to bed?
of course .. tonight, while you're sleeping,  try to elaborate
on all possible scenarios *figthers-brokers-dreamers*... I
will hear from you tomorrow.
good night.