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Re: Roslin Chapel "corn cobs" and "aloe" images

Adam McLean wrote:

> Coins dating back to 50,000 years ago !

Actually, it's "between 200,000 and 400,000 years
old."  And the discover, a William E. Dubois,
commented that, given its uniform thickness,
the coin must have "passed through a rolling-mill."
(I am quoting this directly from the book, as
you have guessed. It's an interesting book, since
99% of it merely a factual enumeration of what
Fortean Times calls "anomalies", and the sources
are given in each case. Where it falls down is
that the authors belong to some Hinduist creed
according to which mankind is hundreds of 
millions of years old. Me, I would be prepared
to attribute those 200-million year old keys,
coins, spark plugs, gold chains, etc. to
intelligent saurians, hey, why not? What 
evidence will be left of us in 200 million
years? But to humans? I'll sooner buy a
lotto ticket hoping to reap the grand prize.
Now, of course, there's  the possibility
of time-travel...). 

As for the corn cob, I visited the site,
downloaded the JPEG, looked at it, scratched
my head... "Where is it??? Oh, that has to
be it". You need a lot of imagination to
see maize there. It reminds me of an issue
of Fortean Times, where a reader reported
a turkey on the Bayeux tapestry (you know,
the tapestry that recounts the conquest of
England by Guillaume Le Conquérant). It so
happened that I had a fold-out postcard of
the Bayeux tapestry (which I had bought
in a museum in Paris). So, of course,
I scrutinized it. No turkey. I was disappointed.