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I wonder how many of this lists's readers are aware of Glozel
and its undeciphered writing?

The tablets were widely believed to be modern forgeries, but
thermoluminescent dating seems to have confirmed their legitimacy
(although they turned out to be "only" ~2500 years old, not
15000-20000 --- to the disappointment of both skeptics and believers).

If this news is true, their writing should be some lost pre-indo-european
mediterranean script, like Etruscan, Phoenician, etc. It seems to use
about a hundred symbols. Here is some starting material, including
nice reproductions of a dozen tablets:


You may be lucky enough to find this in a library:

  Morlet, Antonin.
  Glozel, corpus des inscriptions [par le] docteur A. Morlet.
  63 Marsat, Éditions de la Source, 1969.

It may be another relaxing diversion to us Voynochologists, to keep
our tools sharp in these times of slow progress...

All the best,