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Jorge Stolfi wrote:
> I wonder how many of this lists's readers are aware of Glozel
> and its undeciphered writing?

(Jumping up and down as suits a frog)

"Moi, m'sieur! Moi, m'sieur!"

I first read about Glozel in "Le dictionnaire des
trucs" ("The dictionary of tricks"), a book on
tricks (from conjurers' tricks to plain tricks, like
how to fit through a visiting card), on con-men,
on snake-oil artists, on cheating at cards, on
loaded dice, etc. Glozel was there. At the time,
which must have been the late 50's, early 60's,
Glozel was dismissed as a hoax. There had been
an article on two in Science et Vie (dismissive),
and in Tout Savoir (now long defunct, less 
dismissive). But since, very serious doubts have
emerged about Glozel being a hoax. Shall we
talk Ramsay Publishers into doing a coffee
table book of the Glozel corpus? I am going to
Paris in June-July...