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(Fwd) Voynich Manuscript

Resent, with originator's permission.

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Subject: Voynich Manuscript
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Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 10:45:34 -0500


On this page, the figure in the center seems to be a correlation of Libra,
the scales in astronomy. Judging by other similar pages I have seen, (All
on Yale's site), there are other figures that seem to be astrological
symbols.  The figures surrounding the central figure seem to be "Angels" of
the signs (A common attribution of astrological and esoteric belief).  Each
figure seems to have it's name beside it, and a common attribution of angel
names is the ending "L"  (For example Michael, Gabriel, Raphiel). The only
reason I mention this is the similarity of the endings of each figure's
name.  Also, from what I know about John Dee, he studied much mysticsm,
including research on angels.  If this isn't the correct place to send this
information (Or if it is already known) sorry to take up your time.

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