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Re: Herbal Pages

On 24 Apr 2001, at 20:26, Bruce Grant wrote:
> 1. You could look for words which occur more than once on a particular
> botanical page but on no other pages, in the hopes that they would
> represent the name of the flower (e.g. " ...the ROSE has beautiful
> blossoms .... the ROSE also has thorns ...." etc.)

I suggested the same idea some time ago (but did not do it) when I 
found that kydain appears twice in the whole ms and both times in 
folio 2r

<f2r.1>        kydainy.ypchol...
<f2r.8>        kydain.shaiin..

I believe that Stolfi did this logical search and got a large number of 
words. The data may be somewhere in the archives.