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Re: Herbal Pages

     Comparing the 'paragraphs' may also be of interest. For example, I wouldn't be
surprised to learn that certain 'characters' (symbols?) appear more frequently in
the first paragraph and others occur more frequently in the last paragraph.

Dana Scott

Bruce Grant wrote:

> Recent postings attempting to identify the plants depicted in the VMS suggest a
> couple of strategies which might be used to wring some information from the text
> (if it has anything to do with the drawings):
> 1. You could look for words which occur more than once on a particular
> botanical page but on no other pages, in the hopes that they would represent the
> name of the flower (e.g. " ...the ROSE has beautiful blossoms .... the ROSE also
> has thorns ...." etc.)
> 2. You could look for words which occur on a number of  botanical pages but not
> on other types of pages, in the hopes of finding botanical terms like "leaf",
> "stem", etc.
> 3.  You could compare pages that you think represent related plants and look for
> words which appear only on the two pages and could be cross references (e.g.
> "BROCCOLI, a cauliflower-like plant", ... "CAULIFLOWER, a plant related to
> broccoli ..")
> Bruce