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Herbal Pages

Recent postings attempting to identify the plants depicted in the VMS suggest a
couple of strategies which might be used to wring some information from the text
(if it has anything to do with the drawings):

1. You could look for words which occur more than once on a particular
botanical page but on no other pages, in the hopes that they would represent the
name of the flower (e.g. " ...the ROSE has beautiful blossoms .... the ROSE also
has thorns ...." etc.)

2. You could look for words which occur on a number of  botanical pages but not
on other types of pages, in the hopes of finding botanical terms like "leaf",
"stem", etc.

3.  You could compare pages that you think represent related plants and look for
words which appear only on the two pages and could be cross references (e.g.
"BROCCOLI, a cauliflower-like plant", ... "CAULIFLOWER, a plant related to
broccoli ..")