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Re: VMS -- Botany Thought(s)

Hi all, 

  While I'm NOT a botanist - I've noticed the drift of late to the
_locations_ of the VMS flora here on this list.  Thought: would it be
to insurmountable a task for one of you experts to create a Zen
Diagram of sorts (general over - lays (geographically)) to look for
inter-lapping points of where they are found on a world map ?? 
  Nothing fancy, but if Africa is a Southern circle - THAT May also be
a clue as to DATE, and Origin (geographical) of the VMS.

Best to you & Yours
steve (still thinking vms) ekwall

--------------You Wrote: -------------
 Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 22:36:31 -0700
 From: Dana F. Scott <dfscott@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 To: voynich@xxxxxxxx, AFScott@xxxxxxx
 Subject: VMS -- Botany (f12v) Spiral Ginger
 There seem to be quite a few plants of the Zingiberaceae family that
 somewhat resemble the f12v botanical drawing in the VMS. At this point
 my favorite pick is Spiral Ginger (Costus afer) from Africa.
 Dana Scott