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Re: VMS -- Czech Voynich Group

"Rafal T. Prinke" wrote:
> Moreover, they want to remain anonymous - which is curious.
> When you select "kdo jsme" (who are we), the text says
> "You do not have to know who we are. What matters is that
> we want to write about the manuscript. If you think you
> can do something to improve these pages, let us know.
> Every hand is good, and especially welcome all writers
> who can write something about the topics on this server".

After just completing Foucalt's Pendulum, I have to say I find their
desire for anonymity very suspicious, a dead give away to their secret
occult aims.  Obviously the Manuscript is very important and we should
re-double our efforts to decipher it before the knowledge falls into the
hands of the Brothers of the Left Hand Path.