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Re: VMS -- Early Voyages

"Dana F. Scott" wrote:
>  I still favor the 16th Century (probably the
> second half) for the major development of the manuscript. It might have
> taken a very long time to complete the document which may even have been
> set aside for quite some time before being 'completed'.

	I've always favored the second half of the 15th
century.  This period is
bracketed by 

1) the "humanist hand", a writing style that stood
between medieval Gothic and modern Italic.  
The "humanist hand" was only used for several decades
in the 1400's.  Jim Reeds has affirmed that
the VMs script was heavily influenced by the humanist

2) The nymphs' hairdos.  Julie Porter, who has served
as several; Renaissance fairs' costumesmistress, says
that nothing characterizes a period so much as the
women's hairdos.  The nymphs' hairdos indicate

	All this is in my Historical Precedents file on my