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Re: VMS of course

Dear all,

yes, I'm also still here :-)

> Not knowing anything about where we're at, they talked of photographing
> the  whole manuscript at their cost (high-quality, professional job),
> and, perhaps, on top of a film and an article, to produce a printed
> reproduction (Eric Préau, one of the fellows I talked to, is familiar
> with the Codex  Seraphinianus, and that helped explaining things).

> Préau's e-mail is
> epreau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> He'll probably get in touch with you pretty soon.

Do we have a consensus feeling about this?
The idea is of course exciting at first sight, but will we get
access to the raw images afterwards? Or will we only be able
to buy the book?
And the obvious question: do they already have an idea who is
going to produce the images?

Best wishes from a summer-less Germany,


PS Frogguy: I was in Paris two weeks ago. Sorry I didn't know you
were around. Next time is 3rd week of August. I guess you're back
down under by then.