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VMS of course

Hello all!

Shortly before I left Oz for Frogland, I received a letter from a French outfit that produces scientific documentaries - mostly for TV (and it so happened that Gulf Air was showing one - on the archeological dig of sunken Alexandria - as the plane was landing in Paris). They'd read the Le Monde article with great interest and were toying with the idea of doing a documentary. They got my address from Pierre Barthelemy, the chap who wrote the Le Monde piece. We talked about the VMS for a couple of hours yesterday. Not knowing anything about where we're at, they talked of photographing the whole manuscript at their cost (high-quality, professional job), and, perhaps, on top of a film and an article, to produce a printed reproduction (Eric Préau, one of the fellows I talked to, is familiar with the Codex Seraphinianus, and that helped explaining things).

So I needed all your e-mail addresses, which I'd left in Melbourne.

Préau's e-mail is


He'll probably get in touch with you pretty soon.

Voilà. And 4oqpcc89 to all!
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