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Re: new book

Hi Rafal & everyone,

	King, David A.
	The Ciphers of the Monks. A forgotten Number-Notation of the Middle Ages
	ISBN 3-515-07640-9

This book does indeed look fascinating: here's a link to a 1998 short text by its author about the book's subject-matter (no diagrams, sadly):-


The structure of the number notation itself as described here seems not particularly VMS-like at first hearing, but I'm sure there will be many things in the book relevant to our area of study.

There's also a French version of the same text there for those Francophones who (unlike me) aren't still crawling through Vigenere's prose. :-)

There are a surprisingly (to me, anyway) large number of papers on astrolabes / planispheres / globes - eg, by Elly Dekker and others. Shame more of them aren't available online. :-(

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling.....