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Re: Gerry Kennedy...

Hello Nick,
   I will take a look at the history and application of grafting. I have not
seen much on this in the internet; however, I haven't really been looking for
it too much either. At one point I was interested in the inverted V control
card symbol used in grafting since this glyph appears in the VMS.


Grafting should be kept in mind and may solve some of the botanical questions
seen in the VMS. Experiments in hybridization/cross pollination may also have
been employed.

Dana Scott

Nick Pelling wrote:

> Hi Dana,
> Hope you're doing OK. Winter's just kicking in here: but (as is well known)
> of Britain's four seasons, three are actually Winter. :-)
> Gerry Kennedy and his co-author dropped by my house the other evening: and
> (unsurprisingly) we chatted about the VMS for several hours. They're at a
> very early stage of planning the book, and each seem to have fairly
> different ideas of how it should develop... so it may take a little while
> to get off the ground. :-/
> One thing Gerry mentioned I thought I'd pass on to you: he was quite
> convinced that many of the VMS plants showed signs of them having been
> grafted... I know that Theophrastus discussed grafting, so it wasn't
> exactly new in 1480, but was it in active use in European gardens then? Who
> were the grafters of the day? Were there schools of graft? :-)
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....