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hi all :-))

I've long been aware that "plant grafting" is one of the _oldest_
husbandries known to mankind.... while I'm NOT a herbologist by any
stretch of my imagination, classical examples do stand out in the VMS
in 33v (3 ratio to 1, ROOTS to TOP(fruited)).. AND f22v and f27v...

f22v has a "unique ratio" on this vms page with it's "doughnut ring"
white tubers(?) in ascending order of 1,2,3,4 rings to
TOP..flower/fruitation (1 tuber being at the ROOT/Growth ABOVE Ground
Stalk) 2 is AHEAD of 3 & 4 while 1 feeds ALL (left to right) etc..

f27v appears to be a "slice.of.life plant" attempt -= as related to
the FUNGUS/LICHEN world of RNA growth.  Root to TOP again. :-))

SEE the "FLOW" ??

Best to all
steve (just a gRoWiNg.thought) ekwall