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Beneventan herbal...

Hi everyone,

Just a quick followup to a message Adam Maclean posted here on 24th February 2001, where he mentioned a Beneventan herbal.

Otto Pacht's "Early Italian Nature Studies", Journal of Warburg and Courtauld Institute, XIII (1950), pp. 13ff (its British Library shelfmark is "Hirsch5726", it took me a little while to find it) mentions a Beneventan Herbal, which is possibly/probably the same one. The reference given is:-

Turin, Bibl. Nazionale, MS. K. IV.3 and British Museum Harley MS 5294.

	The Turin MS, destroyed in the fire of 1904, was written in Beneventan
	script in the late 11th Century. See E.A.Lowe "The Beneventan Script",
	Oxford 1914, pp. 19, 369.

.....though I'm sure Frogguy could almost certainly supply numerous more recent references on Beneventan than this. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....