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Voynich Folds AND numbers #'s

Just Some ~warm~ Holiday thoughts for a MeRrY ChRiStMaS to all?

Hi Nick & all : - ))

I've been pretty much ~pulled~ back into to looking at the script
again, ~RATS~ (ha.haa) and still can't find the location to SEE or
print out 'fF85 & 86' (do you know an address (addy) to see this??)
That "oddly" FOLDED PAGEs??, IT Doesn't seem to be at Yale.library?

BTW Reference my/ES "3 plus 3 ... (3 times 3 /= 9) / 1 of 12 etc.."

Checked out VMS page 73 recently?

Blast :-)) these lack of page NUMBERS is enough to drive ME crazier
yet (ha.haaa).... anyway IT's THE PAGE with a double SPA full of
women - I would call IT a double WOMB (or twin ovaries PAGE)

 ANOTHER VMS NUMBER is "78r" (I think). JUST below the 1st pool of
bathing ~beauties~, between 2 POOLS/SPA (ES..ovaries) is a sort of
gallows (NEW paragraph BEGINNING) that you'ved called "embellished" or
embellishments of the 'gallows' ..... HERE is a long forgotten (by me)
and not seen until tonight again, my 3 3 3 3, per "ES"  read

It's essentially a _l o n g_ (your embellished) gallows of the
(my/ES) THREE (Third) KEY Position..
#3 FOLDING ....... with vertical ||| ||| ||| ||| enclosed within loop.
This page (this gallows) will/should indicate a NEW KEY used here, OR
a number (perhaps?) - I think; NEW KEY page _NOT_ number(s), as I have
FOUND NUMBERS easily within the
folding(s) with just 3 x 3 keys... interestingly even YOUR NAME, name
"Nick Pelling" can drop  characters and (my.ES/hike.shift) allows the
"i's" and double "ll" to be DIFFERENT (either Gallow POINTERS to the
KEY page OR the _letter itself_ would be written if on a different
KEY page etc... (still don't Know WHAT the language is yet etc.._)

So, Folding, "nick pelling(11)"  _could_ go to: 

('EVA') 'f'/ I / '254 t'/'p'//'p'/ P/ E/ 't'/ 'ct'/ N  /'cp'(11)

Yes, I know about 'word lengths' but I left BOTH i's and L's IN
example above. (11 could have been 8 characters, just as easily)

ALSO, I don't have a CLUE here if _Vowels_ are left in the script
since I only know little about ENGLISH as it is! (but THAT, (vowels
being LEFT OUT) should reduce ITs entropy even MORE. (assumed?))

Just was trying to show ~floating characters~ SHIFT easily with a
folding key etc.. (Plus EASY to READ or SEE when to check key(s))
using the c,c_c c_c_c characters etc..

Interesting to me how this "ALL FITS" (per ES) _albeit WeIrD!_ :-/ ?
There IS a certain ~FLOW~ to it all. :-)

Overall, (yes, 2 or more different scribes!) & this FOLDING cuts ANY 
Alphebet in 1/2 so English is 13 letters (~scrambled~) and numbers are
cut to at least 45% or C_C minus one.. if laid straight out _the Easy
Way to code this matrix is as in 3 3 3 3 (english - BUT VMS is NOT in
ENGLISH!) So, Might this fit the Computer Percentage Counts (outputs)? 
& Vowels are easy to drop OUT or not even used (as in Hebrew?), but
this is an effective way to chop/CUT ANY alphabet in 1/2 and ONLY 
~expose~ a letter when needed or else c_c it again etc.. Scribe
(author) could just declare IT on the FLY (as it were) with 
c, c_c, c_c_c Showing when to (hike/shiftor CHANGE to another KEY
page..(so EVA c,... (the rest of EVA is NOT applicable, ODDLY.. there
are many  "c_c"'s and c_c_c"'s in folded VMS characters though, but
not shown in EVA) I would call then 'lower folds') EVA I think
treats them as potential capital letter? (sigh))

In English (NOT VMS lanuage) It could lay out like this: 

a b c     d e f
g h i    \j k l______>>
m n o     p q r 
---------------------->> FOLDED KEY  #1 (or EVA T) gallows
s t u     v w x_______>> 
y z 0    /
        /1 2 3
4 5 6   7 8 9

simple - eh?
SEE the 3.3.9.       maybe(12) ??

Who knows yet IF THIS is this SIMPLE, but with English alphabet and
numbering, the ENTROPY should be ~rediculously~ LOW Now. UNCODED/
UNfolded/ [Well within the ballpark(s) of ANY OTHER languages.]

BEST to you and yours
steve (the TOUCHED one :-((  )ekwall :-))

PS - hey, I didn't ASK for THIS, remember?  (ha.haaa)

PSS - I will try to put together a page of say the US Constitution
(a paragraph or two) in ENGLISH FOLDED script.. for a comparison. The
letters will(can/should) be at
times be shorter or longer depending on the (hike/shift) but over all
the VMS is about as long / or Short as IT is written... not very hard
all in all. :-) Computers (unix filters?) should be able to compare
the values then?  :-) I can make it EXTRA SHORT by using EVA 254 or
the "c_C"'s or "c_c_c"'s as a leading charcter key/swap etc..

PSSS (using above) 
If your a linguistic expert you might look at 23v (LESS switching?)
If your a computer (cypher.dude) see 58r (MORE folding gallows) etc..