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Re: Felix Andreas Baumann

Hello Nick,
     Actually, I am not familiar with Baumann's book. From what I can determine
its seems that it would be very interesting to get a copy, though at this point
I am not sure where I can obtain one. Thank you very much for the reference.


Dana Scott

Nick Pelling wrote:

> Hi Dana (and everyone),
> Have you referred to Baumann's 1974 book on MS Egerton 2020? It's a major
> work in the field, and  traces influences between many different herbals. I
> was sure that you'd referred to it before, yet now can't find any mention
> in the mailing list archives. Here's the BL description of it:-
> Title: Das Erbario carrarese und die Bildtradition des Tractatus de herbis.
> ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Pflanzendarstellung im U¨bergang von
> Spa¨tmittelalter zu Fru¨hrenaissance. Felix Andreas Baumann
> Other title: British Library. Manuscript. Egerton 2020. Selections
> Author: Baumann. Felix A.. Felix Andreas
> Series: Berner Schriften zur Kunst. Bd.12
> Subject: Sarapion. the Younger
> Subject: Tractatus de herbis
> Subject: Medicine. Sarapion,. the Younger
> Subject: Herbals,. to date
> Publication details: Bern. Benteli. c1974
> Description: 180p. ill
> Shelfmark: LB.31.c.159
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....