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Windmills of the mind...?

Hi everyone,

Looking at the N "windmill" on f85v2, I'm strongly reminded of Peter Peregrinus' 1269 design for a perpetual motion machine. Here's a page from Jean-Louis Naudin's site:-


I should perhaps also point out that there are now so many patents of devices of this type that the USPTO has an entire classification category devoted to them.

Design-wise: in the case of the N windmill, the cairns of "stones" would be magnetic minerals or rocks, their "plumes" would be the magnetic force, the central windmill arms would correspond to the rotor that perpetually moves, and the tiny "marbles" would represent the force produced by the device/machine's perpetual motion.

Has anyone compared these features of the N windmill with other designs for perpetual motion machines from the same time-frame?

Perhaps this part of the diagram is merely a rationalisation of the energy that turns the earth (or the cosmos) in terms of a perpetual motion machine (metaphorically or otherwise).

Also: can anyone point me to a web-page (or a book etc) with more details on the "mysterious device described in the Cabal", as mentioned in the interlinear notes?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....