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what is <i>? (was: EVA Transcription)

15/01/02 10:45:45, "Gabriel Landini" <G.Landini@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>So what is <i>?

A variant of <e> I'd say. <i> seems to occur only
before "letters" the first stroke of which is <i>-like,
like <n>, like <r>. Occasionally, (here I must use
Frogguy) you find <it> instead of <ct> (EVA ch). Those
instances are always preceded by <a>, a "letter" the
last stroke of which is <i>-like. <ct>, on the other 
hand, is preceded by letters the last stroke of which
is rounded, such as <c> (EVA e) or <o>.

Incidentally, the spelling <in> is no worse than <qu>
in English -- or <th> for that matter. <q> always 
occurs followed by u (when it does not it is as 
part of an acronym, eg Qantas = Queensland and 
Northern Territory Airline Services, or part of
a loanword where it represents a sound that does not
exist in English, eg Iraq). So <qu> should be written
as a single letter. But following this principle 
leads to spelling <ya> in Fijian as a single letter
two, because <y> is _always_ followed by <a> in
Fijian. Yet <ya> is _two_ sounds.