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Re: Another explanation for dain daiin...

 From: Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: Another explanation for dain daiin...
 In a text stream (as opposed to a data stream), "copy(-1)" would be very 
 very rare [ insert self-referential joke here :-) ], but "copy(-2)" and 
 "copy(-3)" would be very common indeed.
 Then: "an" / "ain" / "aiin" would indeed be (as recently suggested) 
 hidden-in-plain-sight Roman numerals - after "d", they would be encoding 
 *negative word indices*.
<end snip>--------------------

 *YES* exactly! :-)

 It's EASY enough to hide "numbers", but, if one KEEPS FOLDING, it
becomes cumbersome... I elect/suggest C_C's to hike shift BACK and
KISS or "_Keep _It _Simple _Stupid _Steve" when writing/READING IT.

TOO many FOLDS ("copies" / "duplicates" of a letter/character) or not
only common , but REVERSE (mirrors?) the simple key ITSELF and  
becomes harder and harder to keep track of? remember? etc.. Its
always ~easier?~ simpler to reset KEY with (eva t) or ES 'START AGAIN'

   | |
   | |    <--- number 1 (ES start) gallows
   | |
   | |    (f56r is exception but an _extended_ eva t /WITH INSERTS?)

eva t can START (as can ANY (8) gallows characters)
          POINT to
          OR BE a character within the KEY!

            3 x 3 uses etc...

Hope that helps someone - somewhere..??

? how many times does "eva t" start a page or an obvious paragraph ?

as in RESET KEY HERE! ???  
(don't forget It points to any square #2 of a folded KEY also)

Best to all here
steve (still folding "simple/mechanical" the key) ekwall

3 or 9 "MASTER KEY(s)/Pages" covers a LOT!!!