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Oops - side by side Gallows?

hi all :-) 

Oops that's what I get for just passing on ES's stuff (just after I
sent this I thought - WOW thats a pretty firmly stated "Cannot"..)
  Since I do have my new Copy-FLO of the vms I decided I better check
it out for myself and see if ES was right!! 

I found one! (1) ONE occurence on f49v (1st 2 starting characters)...

~oddly~ (what isn't in vms) it's NOT what the fold is about, BUT it is
THERE all the same. :-(

I see a "space between" them, BUT they are  side-by side, I can
only suspect if ES is correct.. the 1st is a STAND ALONE number or
character here... seems to be indexing all lines on this page?

Sorry about that :-(  I will LOOK before I leap next-time
 YOU may see somewhere in vms two (2) gallows close together 
 like this:
   \___O          O___O
   |  |            | |
   |  |            | |
   |  |   (O)AB    | |   X  Y  Z,  < random vms text
 You should _NEVER SEE_ or FIND a side by side (any 2) gallows
  O__0  O_____0
   ||  __|____)
   ||  \ ||
   ||    ||  X Y Z    <- SIDE by SIDE CANNOT be correct Folded Code!!
 Can you find _ANY_ TWO (2) side by side "gallows" in your VMS ??

best to you and yours

steve (I stand corrected) ekwall