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Re: Another explanation for dain daiin...

Hi Nick & all vms list!! :-)

 >If it was a compression mechanism, the text would no exhibit so low 
 >entropy. The low entropy is not given
 >by daiin only. There is a strong bias for certain duplets as Stolfi 
 >pointed out some time ago.
 On the contrary, this actually reinforces the duplets observation. :-)
<-=End SNIP=-> 

 -=se=-> I didn't know such a NICE
word as "duplets" existed, or maybe I just misunderstood it in the vms
convention here... I did know "TWINS" wasn't correct! (whatever)... in
ascii talk it (duplets) is ~perfect~ for reference the folding key and
how it works and WHY you will never SEE it ELSEWISE or ELSEWHERE (if
ES is right?) Actually TRIPlets will make more sense at first, but
DUPLETS is _what the Flow_ of the Gallows POINT too!!

1. The  gallows (ALL) POINT to coded CHARacters!

BUT unlike "duplets" it depends on the leading character as to its
simple "pointing" direction.. remember ES said c_c's were to reverse
or hick shift the folding etc..

2. So ANY gallows character can POINT to:

      1 THIS key (gallows/8+ of them?)=> "X" etc..    -=OR=-
      2 c_c_ back two keys etc..(maybe upto 7-8 keys back* (sigh))
-=OR=- RESET KEY... then
     3 Simply (eva t) page (#1 key 3 by 3) and continue...

YOU may see somewhere in vms two (2) gallows close together 

like this:

  \___O          O___O
  |  |            | |
  |  |            | |
  |  |   (O)AB    | |   X  Y  Z,  < random vms text


You should _NEVER SEE_ or FIND a side by side (any 2) gallows

 O__0  O_____0
  ||  __|____)
  ||  \ ||
  ||    ||  X Y Z    <- SIDE by SIDE CANNOT be correct Folded Code!!

Can you find _ANY_ TWO (2) side by side "gallows" in your VMS ??

Just as ES pointed out (sorry I keep pointed out the only thing I know
about this) dumb steve DUMB - yea - yea...
 you will NEVER? (per ES) see side by side gallows AND 
ALSO you will NOT SEE "REVERSE" Gallows anywhere!!! 

 | |
 | |
 | |
 | |    CANNOT exist in ES/se? FOLDING KEY ... can you Find ONE???

Now back to those cool "duplets" !!!

I couldn't have said it better myself (the wife agrees here too), but
(TWO) 2 (dups) is what one needs to DO when faced with a "gallows"

It'LL simply "point" to itself (key (1 of 8 characters) 
or BE TOLD WHICH (different KEY) to point to by PRECEEDING c character
       (note c is not C_C which is FLIP! - hike shift the Folded Code)

as in ascii
                      | |
                      | | 
                    C | | C      < ES gallow "B" flipped "A"


AS I WILL REMAIN _simnply_ A "Physical" and "MECHANICAL" FOLDER of the
VMS KEY)s( ... I would highly recommend that each field of attack -
crypto, linguist, historian, math etc.. consider the DUAL PAIR
"duplets" that the gallows introduce to the ~always FLOWING VMS
equations~ script.

Best to you and yours
steve (the Folding vms key NUT!) ekwall

PS - sorry just my solo ENGLISH is so poor :-( 

Good Luck ALL !! :-)