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Re: Another explanation for dain daiin...

Rafal T. Prinke wrote:
> Jorge Stolfi wrote:
> > After the latest flip-flop, I feel I should
> clarify my current views
> > on the VMS.
> It was interesting to read your summary of crucial
> points -
> especially as I agree with most of them (and don't
> have an opinion
> on the others).
> [...]
> An off-topic question: do you know if Balbin
> mentioned Sendivogius at all? 

Lubos Antonin should be able to tell you off the
top of his head, but he may not be so easy to
reach. Michal Pober might be able to tell you

I think that the 'complete Balbin' only exists in
Latin with summaries in Czech.

My guess as to the answer to your question 
is certainly much worse than yours :-)

Cheers, Rene

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