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Re: Jacobus and Rudolf

--- Jacques Guy wrote:

> Haven't we also discussed the possibility
> that the [Marci] letter was not genuine, but a
> fabrication of a later owner of the VMS to
> jack up ihis asking price? It may be several
> years ago, but I am half sure it's in the
> archives -- I sort of remember having
> started it. 

Well, the Baresch letter was written some 30
years before the Marci letter, and:
1) it very clearly describes the VMs
2) it fits with Marci's description of the
   actions of the previous owner

That Baresch's theory of the origin of the VMs
is different from the one Marci reports, does not
disturb me.

Of course, we can now reconstruct with some 
degree of certainty that either:
1) Voynich saw the Baresch letter in the Mondragone
2) He talked to a Jesuit there who saw it

This is because:
- Voynich asked in a letter to Prague: "who is 
  George Baresch" 
- the only known place in the world where his name
  appears is in the Kircher correspondence. Prague
  experts old and new say: never heard of the man.
- the Kircher correspondence contains jots and notes
  from a researching Jesuit father, a.o. making
  index tables

Still the Marci letter is in Marci's handwriting.
The Baresch letter and all other Marci letters
were bound by Kircher or Schott or another person
close to him.

Absolutely no grounds for doubting that all items
are genuine.

Cheers, Rene

PS: sorry, no daiin in here

PPS: absolutely sure? Not even a little bit of 

PPPS: pretty daiin sure

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