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Re: Another explanation for dain daiin...

--- Jorge Stolfi <stolfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> After the latest flip-flop, I feel I should clarify
> my current views on the VMS.

Inevitably, a response :-)

> Here are some things that I consider
> satisfactorily proved:

I won't comment on anything I fully agree with...

>   * The VMS was written before 1650. 
>   * The VMS is meaningful text.     
>   * Voynichese "words" are indeed words, spaces are
> spaces, labels are labels.
>       There are too many distinct "words" for them
> to be just letters, or syllables of polysillabic
> words.

Not sure about the 'too many to be just syllables,
but the label argument does it.
>   * Voynichese is not a Vigenère-style cipher.
>   * The (bi)folios were bound in the wrong order.
>   * Whoever wrote the folio and quire numbers could
> not read the book.  
>   * The VMS is in a single language.

Apart possibly from incidental phrases. 
>   * The VMS was written by a single person.

I'm less than 100% sure myself
>   * The VMS author was not Roger Bacon.  
>   * John Dee never owned it.

This we cannot know for sure. There are significant
gaps in his diary IIRC. But it is certainly very
> The alleged identification of Dee's hand
> in the folio numbers has been substantially
> discredited by Prinke. 

If I understand correctly, the identification by 
a credable expert, as recorded in the Beinecke
description, actually refers to a page in Dee's
manuscripts written by Kelly. Even if the
idenfication were correct (which I'm also not too
sure about), it would be Kelly, not Dee, and
Kelly had a completely different history in 
Bohemia than Dee.
>   * The VMS is a product of the European culture.
>   * The "michiton" text on f116v was written by the
> VMS author.

Hmmm, I wonder how many people agree. Possible,

Oops, my E-mail program truncated the original 
message here. Well, I'll leave it at that :-)

Cheers, Rene 

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