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Was is really meant to be secret/ (Re: Could f17r be fennel or RX ??)

21/01/02 20:41:39, "Dana F. Scott" <dfscott@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> What was the goal and why would it need to be kept in secret?

I just thought of the Phaistos Disk. Like the VMS, it is unique,
undeciphered, but unlike the VMS, definitely undecipherable
(until more like it are found).  It does not follow, from our
inability to decipher it, that it was meant to be secret.

It does not follow that the Mayan stelae bore messages meant
to be secret because we could not decipher them.

So we have no hard evidence that the VMS was meant to be 

Sure, I have argued here that the VMS was Erzsebet Bathory's
book of bloody recipes for eternal youth, and, given her
methods, it had to be written in a secret language. But I don't
really believe what I write about the VMS (except things like
hard statistics). I don't even believe that it was not meant
to be secret -- or the other way around.