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Re: Was is really meant to be secret/ (Re: Could f17r be fennel or RX ??)

Perhaps this Talisman may be of interest?


Dana Scott

Jacques Guy wrote:

> 21/01/02 20:41:39, "Dana F. Scott" <dfscott@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > What was the goal and why would it need to be kept in secret?
> I just thought of the Phaistos Disk. Like the VMS, it is unique,
> undeciphered, but unlike the VMS, definitely undecipherable
> (until more like it are found).  It does not follow, from our
> inability to decipher it, that it was meant to be secret.
> It does not follow that the Mayan stelae bore messages meant
> to be secret because we could not decipher them.
> So we have no hard evidence that the VMS was meant to be
> secret.
> Sure, I have argued here that the VMS was Erzsebet Bathory's
> book of bloody recipes for eternal youth, and, given her
> methods, it had to be written in a secret language. But I don't
> really believe what I write about the VMS (except things like
> hard statistics). I don't even believe that it was not meant
> to be secret -- or the other way around.