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Re: Statistics on copy(-n) --( WARNING: 33k attachment)

22/01/02 09:31:38, "Gabriel Landini" the slave driver wrote:

>This is interesting. Is it possible to get the words themselves, just 
curious. I guess that copy(-1) never 
>includes "the", but it will score higher in copy(-2) and further.

The hardest part was formatting the output. The results are
below. But please, (copy -1) (copy -2) (copy -3) try to guess
what they are like before you look at the solution below.
(I had guessed right. No complicated, arcane thinking 
required, it's all a direct consequence of the properties
of narrative texts. Hint: a list would be different)

Here goes... don't cheat... a few blank lines  ought to
dissuade you.

fq(1) = 23
19 words:
  and=1  b=1  d=1  do=1  had=4  have=1  her=1  hubbard=1  in=1  it=1
  missed=1  oh=1  please=2  s=1  science=1  scientologists=1
  scientology=1  stewart=1  winter=1

fq(2) = 206
54 words:
  a=6  about=1  act=1  all=1  alsop=1  and=19  as=14  australia=1
  crisper=1  day=1  degrees=1  for=2  from=1  get=1  government=1
  have=2  he=9  help=1  him=2  hour=1  hubbard=1  i=1  in=10  is=1
  it=1  meters=1  minister=1  more=1  murder=1  newspaper=1  not=1
  of=13  on=1  or=8  over=2  papa=1  parents=1  please=1  s=1
  scientology=4  sen=1  she=2  so=2  test=1  that=4  the=36  their=1
  they=4  to=27  twenty=1  was=2  we=1  were=1  you=4

fq(3) = 400
74 words:
  a=39  an=1  and=16  as=4  at=1  auditor=1  australia=1  baby=1  be=1
  believing=1  by=3  check=1  church=1  collapsed=1  d=1  evil=1
  faulty=1  for=2  freely=1  from=1  girl=1  go=1  hated=2  have=2
  he=15  her=3  him=2  his=8  hubbard=2  i=4  in=11  into=1  is=4
  it=2  its=2  keep=1  knocked=1  literature=1  me=1  must=1  my=2
  of=25  on=1  one=4  or=7  psychiatric=1  questions=1  recall=2
  remembering=1  repetitive=1  ron=2  scientologists=1  scientology=2
  scout=1  security=1  seven=1  she=1  smith=1  something=1  suicide=1
  that=2  the=133  their=2  them=1  they=9  this=1  to=36  too=1
  united=1  was=4  were=1  with=1  you=6  your=1

fq(4) = 479
94 words:
  a=39  abortion=1  about=1  all=1  and=20  andersen=1  are=6  as=2
  association=1  at=2  attempted=1  be=2  become=1  believe=1
  blackmailed=1  book=1  books=1  bulletin=1  by=1  can=1  chapter=17
  coach=1  criticize=1  d=1  despite=1  do=1  doctor=1  e=2  eight=1
  examination=1  for=2  from=4  get=2  god=1  had=2  have=4  he=12
  headache=1  her=3  him=2  his=7  hubbard=1  i=3  if=1  imagine=1
  in=8  is=10  it=5  its=1  johnson=1  love=1  make=1  man=1  me=1
  medical=1  meter=1  meters=1  missed=1  name=1  never=1  not=1
  of=24  on=2  one=1  or=4  organization=1  put=1  recall=1  report=1
  s=1  same=1  science=1  scientologists=2  scientology=5  spirit=1
  still=1  suicide=1  t=1  talking=1  tax=1  tell=1  that=7  the=128
  their=1  there=1  they=5  this=2  to=69  was=3  we=2  what=4  with=3
  years=1  you=7

fq(5) = 436
96 words:
  a=30  all=3  and=16  arm=1  as=1  auditor=1  australia=1  badges=1
  be=2  been=1  before=1  book=1  both=1  can=1  child=1  code=1
  cop=1  despite=1  ever=6  feel=1  films=1  for=3  from=2  gaiman=1
  get=2  had=2  has=2  have=9  he=12  her=5  here=1  him=2  his=3
  how=1  hubbard=1  i=13  in=11  incidents=1  inquiry=1  introduced=1
  is=1  it=4  its=1  joins=1  kaufman=1  kennedy=1  language=1
  little=1  lived=1  may=3  me=1  medical=1  mental=1  my=1  no=1
  not=3  of=29  one=1  or=8  own=2  past=1  people=1  percent=2
  person=1  place=1  policeman=1  practiced=2  preclear=1  press=1
  s=1  saying=1  scientology=7  security=1  she=1  spy=1  t=1  thank=1
  that=2  the=114  their=4  they=4  this=1  to=29  waiting=1  wants=1
  was=10  we=1  were=4  what=1  who=1  will=1  with=1  world=1
  worship=1  would=2  you=23

fq(6) = 433
91 words:
  a=38  actions=1  against=1  age=1  all=2  an=1  and=17  answer=1
  any=1  are=2  army=1  as=6  at=1  be=3  been=1  burroughs=1  by=2
  ceremonies=1  chapter=17  child=1  church=1  conspiracy=1  cure=1
  discuss=1  established=1  ever=3  files=1  for=3  freedom=1  from=2
  george=1  get=1  girl=1  good=1  had=2  hated=1  have=9  he=11
  her=1  his=1  hubbard=1  i=4  in=12  is=7  it=4  left=1  mafia=1
  makes=1  matter=1  memory=1  menninger=1  mind=1  ministers=1
  more=1  my=3  not=1  of=27  officer=1  one=1  or=4  person=1
  problem=1  raped=1  read=1  religion=1  reverend=1  s=2  said=1
  says=1  scientology=5  she=1  still=1  student=2  teen=1  that=10
  the=99  their=5  them=2  there=1  they=10  thirty=1  this=1  to=38
  told=1  was=3  we=1  were=3  what=2  when=1  who=1  you=17

fq(7) = 492
115 words:
  a=30  abortion=2  about=1  against=3  alice=1  all=1  an=1  and=15
  animals=1  any=1  are=1  as=2  ashes=1  at=2  auditing=1  be=2
  been=3  book=1  check=1  congresses=1  could=2  do=2  doctors=1
  don=1  e=2  established=1  ever=4  for=2  from=4  goals=1  god=1
  had=3  has=2  have=9  he=13  help=1  her=1  him=3  his=7  how=1
  hubbard=2  i=6  if=4  in=18  intercourse=1  into=1  is=5  it=4
  its=1  level=1  life=1  linda=1  london=1  lover=1  may=2  members=1
  meter=2  million=1  moment=1  money=2  more=1  murderers=1  never=1
  new=1  not=1  of=36  on=1  one=2  or=6  other=3  parents=1
  publicity=1  recall=1  registrar=1  religion=1  ron=1  s=2
  scientologists=1  scientology=3  secret=1  secrets=1  security=1
  services=1  she=2  so=1  some=1  student=1  suing=1  suppressive=1
  t=1  take=1  team=1  that=13  the=121  their=3  them=4  there=1
  they=1  those=1  to=38  touch=1  up=1  usually=1  was=5  we=1
  were=1  what=1  whether=1  while=1  who=4  whom=1  wife=1  with=2
  would=1  you=21

fq(8) = 464
92 words:
  a=32  about=3  against=1  all=2  and=25  anything=2  are=5  as=2
  be=4  been=2  busy=1  but=1  by=1  care=1  celebrity=1  clerical=1
  committed=1  do=1  e=1  ever=2  father=1  fish=1  for=3  from=2  g=1
  group=1  had=1  has=2  have=6  he=11  her=3  him=1  his=10
  hubbard=1  i=3  in=14  intention=1  into=1  is=9  it=5  killed=1
  labor=2  like=1  me=2  more=1  must=1  never=1  not=2  now=1  of=27
  on=1  one=1  or=5  other=1  party=1  pause=1  people=1  person=1
  plan=1  problem=1  remember=1  robinson=1  s=1  scientologist=1
  scientologists=1  scientologize=1  scientology=8  she=1  some=1
  suppressive=1  swim=1  tell=1  that=12  the=102  their=3  them=3
  then=1  there=1  they=7  this=2  time=1  to=57  was=5  way=1  we=2
  what=6  whether=2  which=1  willing=1  with=4  wrote=1  you=14

fq(9) = 473
101 words:
  a=35  about=1  against=1  all=2  an=1  and=17  anyone=1  are=2  as=2
  auditing=1  be=1  bill=1  brain=1  by=4  children=1  church=1
  claim=1  coach=1  comes=1  concepts=1  courses=1  crimes=1
  despite=1  detector=1  dianetics=2  do=1  e=1  ever=3  feel=1  for=2
  from=2  g=1  george=1  get=1  god=1  government=1  had=6  have=7
  he=9  her=4  him=3  his=7  hubbard=2  i=11  if=3  impatient=1  in=9
  incident=1  is=4  it=3  johnson=1  lecture=1  life=1  lrh=1  man=1
  mary=1  me=1  means=1  meter=1  mind=1  missions=1  mother=2  now=1
  of=39  on=2  once=1  one=1  or=7  person=2  plant=2  prevent=1
  problem=1  result=1  s=1  scientology=6  sessions=1  she=1  some=1
  suicide=1  suppressive=1  t=1  that=9  the=114  them=1  theme=1
  themselves=1  there=1  they=7  this=2  three=1  to=49  up=1  was=7
  we=1  what=3  who=2  will=2  with=2  word=1  would=4  you=13

fq(10) = 488
101 words:
  a=29  action=1  all=1  am=1  an=1  and=18  anyone=1  are=3  as=1
  be=2  because=1  been=1  by=1  chapter=16  charge=1  child=1
  children=2  church=1  clear=1  control=1  crimes=1  dianetics=1
  enabled=1  enlighten=1  ever=6  eyes=1  files=1  for=3  from=1
  good=1  had=5  have=13  he=13  her=1  him=3  his=8  hubbard=6
  hypnotism=1  i=5  ideas=1  in=22  inquiry=1  interpreted=1  is=7
  it=3  job=1  know=2  libel=1  matter=1  may=1  me=1  member=1
  methods=1  more=1  not=1  of=24  one=1  operation=1  opinions=1
  or=7  other=1  own=1  paper=1  partner=2  people=1  person=1
  pleaded=1  practiced=1  press=1  process=1  questions=1  release=1
  retarded=1  s=4  scientology=7  sex=2  sexual=1  she=1  soul=1
  staff=1  still=1  student=1  suppressive=2  t=1  that=14  the=102
  their=3  them=2  they=6  thompson=1  to=54  used=1  was=3  we=1
  were=3  who=3  will=1  with=3  world=1  writ=1  you=17

fq(11) = 481
100 words:
  a=33  about=3  against=2  all=3  and=25  another=1  any=1  are=3
  as=4  at=1  baby=2  be=7  been=2  body=1  bride=1  called=1  can=2
  check=1  claims=1  conference=1  date=1  dianetics=1  did=1  died=1
  do=2  down=1  equipment=1  ever=5  for=2  fought=1  get=1  gets=1
  groom=1  had=4  happens=1  have=13  he=11  her=2  him=1  his=2
  how=1  hubbard=3  i=7  if=1  ills=1  in=13  into=1  is=5  it=4
  kaufman=1  letter=1  mail=1  make=1  man=1  me=1  mothers=1  not=1
  of=30  on=2  or=7  org=1  people=1  person=1  r=1  recall=1
  revealed=1  reverend=1  s=1  scientology=5  security=1  she=3
  some=1  statements=1  suppressive=1  t=2  telling=1  that=15
  the=103  their=6  them=5  they=9  this=2  those=1  thoughts=1  to=45
  unkind=1  us=1  was=5  way=1  we=1  were=2  what=2  whether=1
  which=1  who=2  will=2  with=5  would=2  write=1  you=13

fq(12) = 450
100 words:
  a=23  against=1  all=1  an=2  and=21  are=1  at=1  auditing=1
  auditor=1  be=5  become=1  been=1  blew=1  but=1  by=1  child=1
  children=2  communism=1  could=2  country=1  cult=1  desires=1
  difficult=1  doctor=2  drunk=1  e=1  ever=3  fail=1  fiction=1
  for=1  formula=1  has=2  have=9  he=13  her=1  him=2  his=3
  hubbard=1  i=5  if=2  in=14  is=8  it=6  longer=1  man=2  many=1
  may=1  me=5  meat=1  medical=1  meters=1  mother=1  no=1  not=3
  of=35  on=1  or=5  pc=1  people=2  per=1  perhaps=1  read=1
  religion=1  remember=1  reverend=1  s=2  science=1  scientologists=2
  scientology=11  she=1  should=1  sign=1  sperm=1  story=1  student=1
  take=1  that=10  the=109  their=5  them=1  thetan=1  they=4  think=1
  this=1  time=1  to=37  two=1  up=1  was=3  we=1  were=3  what=2
  when=1  who=2  wife=1  with=6  witnesses=1  womb=1  would=3  you=14

fq(13) = 425
91 words:
  a=30  am=1  and=16  answering=1  any=1  are=4  as=4  auditor=1
  australian=1  bachelor=1  be=2  been=1  before=1  blackmail=1  but=2
  coach=1  comes=1  dianetics=1  did=1  do=1  dr=1  e=1  established=1
  ever=3  every=1  files=1  from=2  gwen=2  had=1  happy=1  have=7
  he=18  her=3  him=1  his=6  hubbard=1  i=5  if=1  imagine=1  in=15
  is=5  it=2  its=1  johnson=1  lived=1  longer=1  man=1  matter=1
  may=1  medical=1  members=1  meter=1  mother=1  needle=1  no=1
  not=2  of=25  off=1  or=8  orgs=1  other=1  people=2  preclear=3
  processing=1  s=2  scientologists=3  scientology=8  services=1
  she=1  someone=1  student=1  tests=1  that=11  the=92  their=3
  them=1  these=1  they=6  this=1  those=1  to=47  was=9  were=2
  what=2  when=1  who=3  wife=1  witnesses=1  would=1  yes=1  you=15

fq(14) = 415
101 words:
  a=27  about=3  ad=1  additional=1  all=1  alsatian=1  an=2  and=20
  any=1  are=4  as=3  at=1  auditor=1  be=1  called=1  case=1  check=1
  child=1  church=1  do=2  engram=1  ever=1  expansion=1
  exploration=1  files=1  for=4  foundation=1  from=1  go=1  had=2
  hard=1  have=4  he=6  her=2  him=1  his=1  how=1  hubbard=5  i=5
  if=2  in=20  into=1  is=5  it=3  its=1  let=1  like=1  london=1
  man=1  manson=1  methods=1  mind=1  minister=1  my=1  not=1  of=30
  on=1  one=1  or=5  outside=1  pain=1  people=1  plant=1  political=1
  preclear=2  psychiatrists=1  re=1  recall=1  religion=1  remember=2
  s=3  scientologists=2  scientology=11  security=1  sick=1  so=1
  some=1  spirit=1  such=1  suppressive=1  that=9  the=95  their=3
  them=1  then=1  there=1  they=7  this=2  time=1  to=41  trained=1
  was=9  we=1  were=1  whether=1  which=1  who=1  will=1  would=1
  years=1  you=7

fq(15) = 425
92 words:
  a=26  about=1  ad=1  africa=1  agrees=1  albuquerque=1  and=21
  any=2  are=1  as=1  at=3  australia=1  be=3  because=1  british=1
  but=2  can=1  celebrity=1  complained=1  courses=1  even=1  ever=3
  expand=1  fill=1  for=2  from=1  gets=1  had=1  has=1  have=7  he=11
  her=1  him=2  his=6  hotel=1  hubbard=1  i=5  immediately=1  in=11
  inquiry=2  into=1  irresponsibly=1  is=4  it=4  leaders=1  make=1
  may=1  me=3  million=1  new=1  newtonian=1  not=5  now=1  of=29
  on=1  or=4  org=2  out=1  physics=1  probably=1  recall=1
  religion=1  room=1  s=4  same=1  scientologists=3  scientology=5
  sea=2  secrets=1  she=3  south=2  stewart=1  story=1  suppressive=1
  t=1  take=1  test=1  that=14  the=110  they=4  this=1  three=2
  time=1  to=37  wales=1  was=9  we=1  were=3  what=1  who=1  you=14

fq(16) = 403
92 words:
  a=23  ability=1  about=1  all=1  and=17  are=1  auditor=1  be=1
  before=1  book=1  books=2  can=1  child=1  children=1  christ=1
  classified=1  d=1  doctor=1  ever=4  few=1  files=1  for=2  from=1
  george=1  get=1  gets=1  good=1  group=1  had=4  has=1  have=8
  he=11  here=1  him=1  his=4  hubbard=4  hundred=1  husband=1  i=4
  if=2  in=19  invent=1  is=7  it=3  its=1  life=1  lived=1  lives=1
  manson=1  marshals=1  may=1  mcmasters=1  me=1  minister=1  now=1
  of=29  on=3  one=2  or=6  parents=1  plan=1  possibly=1  preclear=3
  premises=1  problem=1  punishment=1  remember=1  roman=1  s=1
  said=1  scientologists=2  scientology=4  security=1  ship=1
  stating=1  suppressive=1  that=15  the=90  their=1  them=1  they=5
  this=3  thousand=1  to=37  ve=1  want=1  was=3  we=1  what=1  who=3
  with=2  you=21

fq(17) = 463
109 words:
  a=24  accept=1  after=1  an=2  and=18  ann=1  applications=1  are=5
  as=2  at=1  be=2  been=4  buckingham=1  but=1  celebrity=1  check=1
  country=1  courses=1  date=1  dianetics=1  e=1  england=1  engram=1
  especially=1  ever=2  for=1  g=1  george=1  had=5  has=1  have=8
  he=5  help=1  her=2  him=1  his=3  horner=1  i=5  if=1  imagine=1
  in=11  information=1  into=1  is=3  it=2  john=1  least=1  man=1
  manual=1  mary=1  me=2  medical=2  members=1  million=1  mind=1
  minister=1  money=1  more=1  not=3  now=1  of=32  on=3  once=1
  one=3  or=7  orgs=1  part=1  person=1  physical=1  preclear=1
  problem=1  public=1  question=1  questions=1  read=1  ready=1  ron=1
  s=2  said=1  scientologists=5  scientology=8  security=1  she=1
  sir=1  stories=1  thank=1  that=19  the=113  their=2  them=1  they=7
  think=1  this=2  to=54  twenty=1  two=1  under=1  universe=1  uses=1
  was=7  what=3  who=1  wife=1  with=1  worships=1  would=2  years=1
  you=11  your=2

fq(18) = 454
104 words:
  a=32  able=1  about=1  again=1  against=1  all=1  an=1  and=23
  any=1  anyone=1  are=2  argue=1  auditor=2  auditors=1  be=2  been=1
  before=2  can=2  decision=1  dianetics=1  done=1  during=1  ever=3
  evidence=1  fact=1  for=1  from=1  get=1  gwen=1  had=3  happy=1
  has=1  have=9  he=9  her=2  here=1  him=3  his=4  hoad=1  hubbard=4
  i=5  if=3  in=19  inquiry=1  is=7  it=4  its=1  kaufman=1  l=1
  letter=1  lived=1  may=1  me=2  might=1  minutes=1  miss=1  mother=1
  no=1  not=1  of=27  one=1  or=2  our=1  own=1  person=2  plant=2
  preclear=2  psychiatric=1  raped=1  read=1  recall=2  religion=1
  ron=1  s=1  said=1  scientologists=1  scientology=8  seattle=1
  should=1  spirit=1  story=2  t=1  tell=1  than=1  that=17  the=102
  their=4  them=2  thetans=1  they=5  this=3  to=44  told=1  was=4
  we=2  were=3  what=1  whether=1  who=1  with=2  work=1  would=1
  you=14  your=1

fq(19) = 444
95 words:
  a=30  about=2  ad=1  all=2  also=2  and=20  are=2  as=1  auditor=1
  australia=1  b=1  be=4  been=2  believe=1  by=2  child=1  church=1
  could=1  didn=1  does=1  ever=6  eyes=1  find=1  for=5  from=1
  get=1  had=1  has=1  have=11  he=11  her=1  here=1  him=2  his=7
  hubbard=2  i=6  if=1  in=18  incident=1  inquiry=1  investigation=1
  is=4  it=4  killed=1  life=1  mcmasters=1  me=2  men=1  name=1
  not=1  of=25  one=1  or=4  people=1  percent=1  problems=1
  program=1  psychiatry=1  questions=1  rash=1  read=1  refused=1
  robinson=1  s=4  scientologists=1  scientology=7  security=1
  sessions=1  sex=1  sexual=2  she=1  ship=1  stewart=1  student=1
  success=1  such=1  t=2  teens=1  that=12  the=92  their=5  them=3
  there=1  they=6  this=1  to=52  trying=1  up=1  was=10  way=1  who=2
  with=1  world=1  would=1  you=15

fq(20) = 416
96 words:
  a=28  aberrations=1  all=3  america=1  an=2  and=17  anything=1
  as=1  at=2  be=3  bed=1  been=3  book=2  by=1  children=1  cure=1
  dianetics=1  effective=1  engram=1  ever=4  fifteen=1  for=2
  glance=1  had=4  have=8  hco=1  he=13  her=1  hired=1  his=4
  horner=1  i=3  in=17  inquiry=2  into=1  is=5  it=4  kaufman=1
  know=1  left=1  like=1  man=2  manuscript=1  many=1  may=3  meter=1
  name=1  not=3  notice=1  now=1  of=22  old=1  on=2  one=2  or=1
  out=2  people=1  percent=1  person=2  political=1  press=1
  prisons=1  problems=1  remember=1  scientologist=1  scientologists=3
  scientology=3  services=1  sessions=1  sex=2  suing=1  t=1
  telephone=1  that=12  the=105  their=2  them=1  then=1  thetan=1
  they=5  things=1  this=1  three=1  time=1  to=40  ve=1  was=2
  weren=1  when=1  whether=1  which=1  who=2  wife=1  with=5  would=1

fq(21) = 441
88 words:
  a=23  about=1  an=2  and=23  as=1  ask=1  at=2  attempted=1
  auditor=2  be=6  been=2  body=1  book=1  by=1  child=1  children=1
  court=1  engrams=1  even=1  ever=2  for=3  had=2  has=2  have=7
  he=11  him=2  his=8  hubbard=4  i=7  if=1  in=15  inquiry=1
  instead=1  investigate=1  is=4  it=3  lucrative=1  man=1  may=3
  me=1  methods=1  military=1  money=1  not=2  of=30  on=2  one=3
  or=5  out=2  parents=1  pc=1  people=1  person=2  press=1  recall=1
  s=1  said=1  school=1  scientologists=4  scientology=5  screen=1
  sensation=1  she=1  south=1  sue=1  suppressive=1  take=1  takes=1
  teacher=1  test=1  that=16  the=117  them=1  there=2  they=8  this=2
  those=1  to=43  treatment=1  was=5  what=2  while=1  who=3  will=1
  with=3  woman=1  write=1  you=5

fq(22) = 417
89 words:
  a=28  abortions=1  about=1  against=1  allegedly=1  also=1  an=1
  and=21  another=2  anything=1  are=3  as=2  ask=1  australian=1
  baby=1  be=1  being=1  blackmailed=1  christening=1  code=1  comes=1
  courses=1  deal=1  else=1  england=1  engrams=1  ever=3  find=1
  for=5  from=2  funeral=1  george=1  get=1  great=1  had=4  have=8
  he=8  his=3  hubbard=4  i=4  if=2  in=14  into=1  is=2  it=8  may=1
  me=2  menninger=1  moscowitz=1  mother=1  names=1  not=2  now=2
  of=28  one=1  only=1  or=8  out=1  preclear=1  problem=1
  questions=2  s=1  said=1  scientologists=5  scientology=5  some=1
  t=1  take=1  tell=1  than=1  that=7  the=87  them=2  then=1  they=6
  this=1  those=1  title=1  to=56  told=1  up=1  was=3  were=3  what=1
  where=2  who=4  with=3  would=2  you=14

fq(23) = 487
101 words:
  a=42  abortions=1  about=2  added=1  against=1  am=1  an=2  and=16
  appendix=1  are=3  as=2  be=1  because=1  book=1  books=1  both=1
  by=3  can=1  celebrity=1  child=1  clam=1  could=1  crimes=1
  dianetics=2  e=1  electric=1  else=1  end=1  especially=2  etc=1
  ever=2  feel=1  files=1  find=2  for=3  form=1  from=1  george=1
  have=10  he=23  health=1  her=2  here=1  him=1  his=6  hit=1
  hubbard=4  i=5  if=1  in=21  investigate=1  is=9  it=3  kaufman=3
  keep=1  like=1  marital=1  me=2  menninger=1  minister=1  mr=1  my=1
  needle=1  not=1  now=1  of=24  on=2  one=3  or=6  out=1  person=2
  plant=1  preclear=1  problem=1  raped=1  read=1  s=1
  scientologists=1  scientology=4  session=1  so=1  suppressive=3  t=1
  takes=1  thank=1  that=16  the=118  their=1  there=1  they=3  this=2
  to=50  unconscious=1  was=9  we=1  what=1  where=1  will=2  would=1
  you=11  your=1

fq(24) = 416
83 words:
  a=28  about=2  african=1  all=1  an=1  and=23  are=1  as=4
  assisted=1  at=1  auditor=1  australia=1  be=3  become=1  been=1
  book=1  both=1  by=1  could=1  crimes=1  discussed=1  do=1  ever=3
  for=1  from=1  had=4  has=2  have=7  he=4  him=1  his=6  how=1
  hubbard=8  i=4  if=1  in=15  is=6  it=4  letter=1  look=1  may=1
  me=3  members=1  million=1  more=1  not=3  of=19  on=3  one=3
  only=1  or=2  present=1  read=1  report=1  reverend=1  robinson=1
  s=2  said=1  scientologists=2  scientology=14  she=1  ship=1
  south=2  speech=1  that=9  the=109  their=1  them=3  these=1  they=7
  this=2  three=1  times=1  to=44  under=1  very=1  was=5  were=1
  who=2  with=3  would=2  you=8  your=1

fq(25) = 418
94 words:
  a=21  activities=1  against=1  an=1  and=17  are=2  as=2
  association=1  at=1  auditor=1  be=2  because=1  been=2
  buckingham=1  business=1  but=1  check=1  child=1  concepts=1
  could=1  dianetics=1  else=1  engram=1  ever=7  files=1  for=7
  girl=1  had=3  has=1  have=9  he=11  her=1  high=1  him=1  his=2
  hubbard=6  i=3  if=1  important=1  in=19  inquiries=1  into=1  is=6
  left=1  life=2  look=1  manor=1  medical=1  mental=1  mind=1
  minister=2  mother=1  mr=1  no=1  not=1  of=28  on=1  one=1  only=1
  or=3  percent=1  person=1  preclear=1  questions=2  s=3  said=1
  school=1  scientologists=1  scientology=6  security=1  sexual=1
  she=1  should=2  since=1  six=1  some=1  suppressive=1  testimony=1
  that=10  the=90  their=4  they=4  this=3  three=1  to=43  us=1
  was=4  we=1  what=3  where=1  who=3  with=3  world=1  you=25

fq(26) = 449
102 words:
  a=29  accidentally=1  against=1  agree=1  agrees=1  all=1  also=1
  an=1  and=23  another=1  any=1  are=1  as=2  at=2  be=7
  blackmailed=1  by=1  case=2  ceremony=1  clear=1  correct=1
  decision=1  dianetics=1  ever=3  february=1  first=1  for=4  found=1
  george=1  get=1  gets=1  girl=1  good=1  gwen=1  had=3  harm=1
  have=7  he=16  hear=1  her=2  him=2  himself=1  his=7  hoad=1
  hubbard=2  i=3  if=1  in=16  is=3  it=2  kennedy=1  like=1  mary=1
  may=2  me=2  mind=1  miss=1  more=1  mr=1  not=2  now=1  of=28
  officials=1  on=3  one=2  or=7  parkhouse=1  person=1  personally=1
  punishments=1  questions=1  recorder=1  religion=1  remarks=1  s=1
  said=1  schools=1  scientologist=2  scientologists=4  scientology=5
  she=3  some=1  suppressive=1  t=2  tape=1  tell=1  that=20  the=110
  their=1  them=1  then=1  thetan=1  they=4  this=2  to=28  was=9
  we=1  were=3  who=1  wife=1  with=4  you=10

fq(27) = 437
98 words:
  a=34  about=1  according=1  all=1  an=1  and=14  any=1  are=1  as=4
  at=1  be=4  because=2  been=1  book=1  called=1  can=1  celebrity=1
  children=1  could=2  country=1  course=1  cure=2  degrees=1  do=1
  ethics=1  ever=4  find=1  first=1  for=5  get=3  girl=1  groups=1
  had=6  have=8  he=14  her=1  him=1  his=2  housing=1  hubbard=5  i=4
  if=2  in=13  injure=1  inquiry=1  is=1  it=2  johnson=1  just=1
  kennedy=1  knew=1  later=1  lecture=1  me=2  mental=1  minister=1
  needle=1  not=3  now=2  of=39  once=1  one=1  or=3  other=1  out=1
  plant=1  process=1  questions=2  remember=1  right=1  robinson=1
  s=2  said=3  scientologist=1  scientologists=3  scientology=10
  section=1  some=1  someone=1  suing=1  take=1  taking=1  that=14
  the=92  their=1  them=2  they=2  this=1  to=42  two=1  up=1  was=7
  we=1  what=1  who=2  with=3  wrote=1  you=14

fq(28) = 421
104 words:
  a=26  after=1  an=1  and=22  any=1  as=1  at=2  be=2  because=1
  before=1  body=1  but=1  check=1  child=1  clam=1  confined=1
  date=1  do=1  ever=1  fish=1  for=1  from=1  get=1  group=1  had=4
  have=7  he=11  henslow=1  her=2  him=2  his=1  hubbard=1  i=6  if=3
  in=14  inquiry=1  instead=1  is=6  it=5  kaufman=1  lessons=1
  lives=1  man=2  may=1  me=2  meter=1  michael=1  million=1  money=1
  must=1  my=1  name=1  nature=1  nervous=1  new=1  no=1  not=2  of=29
  oh=1  on=1  one=2  or=3  oscar=1  other=1  others=1  parents=1
  past=1  people=2  person=1  political=1  practiced=1  preclear=2
  problem=1  psychiatrists=1  remember=1  s=1  saw=1  scientologists=4
  scientology=6  sex=1  sign=1  since=1  stare=1  suppressive=1
  swim=1  that=16  the=92  their=4  these=1  thetan=1  thetans=1
  they=5  this=2  time=1  to=48  voice=1  was=5  were=2  whether=1
  who=1  with=2  witnesses=1  would=1  you=9

fq(29) = 446
105 words:
  a=35  all=1  an=2  and=24  any=3  are=1  as=4  be=5  because=1
  been=1  before=1  but=1  by=1  condemned=1  condition=1  degrees=1
  dianetics=1  do=1  done=1  doubt=1  ever=2  fact=1  fiction=1
  field=1  find=1  first=1  for=2  from=1  had=2  have=9  he=11  her=1
  his=4  hot=2  hubbard=3  i=4  in=9  included=1  information=1
  intercourse=1  into=2  it=3  kennedy=1  lived=1  look=1  make=1
  may=1  me=2  medical=2  menninger=1  money=1  newspaper=1  not=1
  number=1  of=24  officer=1  on=3  one=1  only=1  or=1  out=1
  person=2  plan=1  practices=1  preclear=2  press=1  problem=1
  public=1  put=1  read=3  referred=1  report=1  reverend=1  s=3
  said=1  science=1  scientologists=3  scientology=6  selling=1
  several=1  sexual=1  should=1  sign=1  some=1  stewart=1  suicide=1
  t=1  take=1  that=18  the=111  there=3  these=1  they=10  those=1
  times=1  to=39  traffic=1  want=1  was=4  we=2  what=4  who=1
  with=2  would=3  you=8

fq(30) = 412
90 words:
  a=25  about=1  ad=1  after=1  an=3  and=18  as=4  association=1
  barnes=1  be=3  been=1  being=1  believed=1  books=1  but=1  by=1
  case=2  celebrities=1  child=1  children=2  claims=1  communist=1
  consisted=1  dianetics=1  ever=6  fisk=1  for=3  get=1  had=1  has=1
  have=12  he=9  her=3  him=1  his=5  hubbard=2  i=2  if=1  in=12
  inquiry=1  into=1  is=2  join=1  may=1  me=1  medical=1  members=1
  method=1  name=1  not=2  of=32  one=1  or=6  org=1  other=1
  others=1  p=1  person=1  preclear=2  press=1  psychiatrists=1
  remember=1  s=1  said=1  scientologists=4  scientology=6  session=1
  should=1  some=1  space=1  stewart=1  t=1  tell=1  that=10  the=102
  them=2  then=1  these=1  they=5  this=1  to=49  was=5  were=1
  what=1  when=1  wife=1  with=2  world=1  wrong=1  you=13

fq(31) = 396
87 words:
  a=25  action=1  against=1  also=1  an=1  and=17  are=1  as=1
  australian=1  be=2  been=3  before=1  board=1  boat=1  book=1  by=1
  cannibalism=1  country=1  crisper=1  doctors=1  does=1  ever=4
  for=2  from=1  get=1  gwen=1  had=2  happy=1  have=5  he=10  her=1
  hill=1  him=2  his=3  hubbard=6  i=5  if=1  in=19  inquiry=1
  instead=1  into=2  is=3  it=3  kennedy=1  left=1  local=1
  manuscript=1  may=1  mind=2  mother=1  mr=1  must=1  not=2  of=20
  on=3  one=1  or=2  person=1  practiced=3  preclear=1  president=1
  reported=1  saint=1  school=1  scientologist=1  scientologists=3
  scientology=12  sessions=1  suppressive=3  t=1  that=4  the=92
  their=2  there=1  they=6  this=3  to=57  until=1  was=5  were=1
  whether=1  who=1  will=1  with=1  witnesses=1  would=1  you=11

fq(32) = 442
90 words:
  a=36  about=1  after=1  all=1  and=33  as=1  attempted=1  be=3
  been=2  begin=1  book=1  but=1  can=1  check=2  crimes=1
  discovered=1  do=2  doreen=1  e=1  eventually=1  ever=2  evidence=1
  expenses=1  for=1  from=1  gaul=1  george=1  had=4  has=2  have=10
  he=9  health=1  hear=1  her=1  his=5  hubbard=3  i=4  if=1  in=15
  inquiry=1  is=2  it=3  life=1  man=1  may=1  maybe=1  me=1
  members=1  mental=1  meter=1  methods=1  million=1  not=2  now=1
  of=22  on=1  one=1  only=1  org=1  parents=1  plant=1  psychiatry=1
  s=1  scientologists=3  scientology=9  she=1  someone=1  something=1
  speak=1  test=3  than=1  that=14  the=115  their=2  them=1  they=3
  think=1  three=1  to=40  told=1  was=16  were=1  when=1  whether=1
  who=2  with=4  womb=1  would=1  write=1  you=11

fq(33) = 425
92 words:
  a=24  about=1  ad=1  against=1  all=1  also=2  an=2  and=14
  auditor=2  background=1  be=3  book=2  but=1  by=1  cannibalism=1
  case=2  child=1  connected=1  criminal=2  crisper=1  daily=1
  discovered=1  doubt=1  england=1  express=1  for=1  get=1  had=2
  have=2  he=15  him=1  his=5  hubbard=7  i=5  in=21  is=5  it=5
  kaufman=1  lessons=1  life=1  linda=1  man=1  may=2  me=1  more=2
  new=1  no=1  not=1  of=25  on=1  or=3  palmas=1  pc=1  people=4
  person=1  plan=1  practiced=1  press=1  problems=1  questions=1
  reported=1  s=2  said=1  saying=1  scientologists=6  scientology=8
  so=1  states=1  strangers=1  suppressive=2  take=1  team=1  that=12
  the=105  their=1  them=1  then=1  they=6  this=2  to=53  told=1
  want=1  was=3  we=1  were=1  what=1  which=1  wife=1  with=4
  would=1  york=1  you=9

fq(34) = 435
90 words:
  a=33  able=1  about=1  addition=3  after=1  against=1  all=1  an=5
  and=26  are=1  be=2  before=1  board=1  can=1  church=1  concepts=1
  do=2  doctors=1  east=1  engram=1  ever=4  family=1  files=1
  followers=1  for=2  free=1  from=1  grinstead=1  had=4  has=1
  have=7  he=11  her=1  him=2  his=4  hubbard=5  husband=1  i=6  if=1
  in=17  into=1  is=3  it=4  johnson=1  join=1  kaufman=2  life=1
  lived=1  may=3  me=3  mother=1  not=1  of=38  on=1  or=2  parents=1
  person=1  political=1  power=1  problem=1  s=4  said=1
  scientologists=4  scientology=4  solution=1  something=1  suing=1
  suits=1  suzie=1  t=1  test=1  that=9  the=92  their=3  them=1
  they=9  this=4  to=43  two=1  unconscious=1  up=1  was=3  we=1
  were=1  what=1  which=1  who=2  will=1  with=5  you=11

fq(35) = 425
100 words:
  a=27  affair=1  africa=1  all=1  allegedly=1  also=1  an=2  and=13
  are=1  as=1  at=2  be=3  been=1  birth=1  blackmail=1  but=1
  child=1  church=1  clear=1  could=1  dianetics=1  did=1  down=1  e=1
  else=1  ever=7  fathers=1  film=1  for=2  from=2  had=2  have=8
  having=1  he=9  her=2  here=1  him=3  his=4  hubbard=4  i=7  ice=1
  if=3  in=17  incident=1  inquiry=1  is=4  it=3  kennedy=1  kept=1
  killed=1  letter=1  lovers=1  mcmasters=1  me=1  meter=1  new=1
  not=2  of=28  on=2  one=1  org=1  other=1  parents=1  press=1
  punishments=1  questions=1  re=1  read=1  report=1  russians=1
  said=1  same=1  scientologists=1  scientology=10  she=1  so=1
  sometimes=1  south=1  suggested=1  t=1  that=14  the=100  there=1
  these=1  they=3  this=2  three=1  time=1  to=46  told=1  two=1
  was=4  were=3  which=1  who=3  will=1  with=3  years=1  york=1

fq(36) = 416
84 words:
  a=25  an=1  and=24  are=4  as=1  auditor=1  because=1  become=1
  been=1  boo=1  by=1  called=1  change=1  child=1  court=1
  declared=1  dianetic=1  dianetics=1  do=1  doctors=1  end=1  ever=4
  examination=1  fish=1  for=4  from=2  god=1  had=2  have=7  he=14
  him=2  his=6  hoo=1  hubbard=2  i=4  if=2  in=12  interested=1  is=2
  it=1  johnson=1  lecture=1  me=1  money=1  needle=1  no=1  not=1
  occasionally=1  of=35  on=2  once=2  one=1  or=4  org=1  person=1
  plant=1  practiced=1  problem=1  read=1  reverend=1  s=1
  scientologists=1  scientology=9  students=1  swim=1  take=1  that=11
  the=113  their=2  them=2  then=2  these=1  they=5  this=1  to=47
  up=1  was=4  we=1  were=1  when=1  who=1  with=1  would=1  you=8

fq(37) = 369
81 words:
  a=39  about=1  all=2  also=3  an=1  and=21  are=2  at=1
  authorities=1  background=1  barred=1  be=4  been=1  better=1  bus=1
  check=1  clean=1  conditions=1  control=1  courses=1  day=1
  ethics=1  for=3  from=2  group=1  had=1  have=4  he=6  her=1  here=1
  him=2  his=3  hospitals=1  hubbard=3  i=2  in=22  inquiry=1  is=3
  it=4  leaders=1  linda=1  looking=1  may=1  mental=1  not=3  now=2
  of=23  or=2  order=1  parents=1  plan=1  publicity=1  question=1
  remember=1  resumed=1  s=1  scientology=4  security=1  she=1  show=1
  since=1  story=1  suppressive=1  that=12  the=86  these=1  thetan=1
  they=4  this=1  to=41  told=1  too=1  was=4  were=1  which=1  who=2
  will=1  with=2  womb=1  world=1  you=8

fq(38) = 380
76 words:
  a=35  about=1  also=1  an=1  and=19  anything=1  are=2  as=1  at=1
  auditor=1  back=1  be=4  but=1  buy=1  by=1  christening=1  copies=1
  crisp=1  dianetic=1  do=1  does=1  ever=3  files=1  for=7  former=1
  god=1  had=4  have=7  he=8  her=1  him=2  his=6  hubbard=1  i=2
  in=17  income=1  injure=1  inquiry=2  is=4  kaufman=1  know=1
  knowingly=1  linda=1  mental=1  mothers=1  not=3  of=29  or=4  org=1
  preclear=1  psychiatric=1  scientologists=2  scientology=3  ship=1
  suicide=1  suppressive=2  teacher=1  that=12  the=82  their=2
  they=1  think=1  this=2  to=46  treatment=1  was=3  we=1  were=1
  what=1  where=1  while=1  who=2  with=4  writer=1  you=16  young=1

fq(39) = 416
79 words:
  a=24  about=2  also=1  and=22  any=1  are=2  as=2  ask=1  auditing=1
  back=1  be=5  been=1  being=1  books=2  by=2  check=1  church=1
  dungeon=1  engram=1  ever=3  find=1  for=1  george=1  have=6  he=9
  her=1  him=2  his=4  hubbard=4  i=2  if=1  in=14  into=1  is=4  it=1
  kill=1  local=1  may=2  me=3  million=1  minister=1  most=1
  mother=1  not=1  of=32  on=1  one=2  or=3  over=1  pain=1  percent=1
  person=1  planet=1  preclear=2  problem=1  s=3  said=1  same=1
  school=2  scientologists=3  scientology=5  ship=1  south=1  ten=1
  that=8  the=120  their=2  they=6  this=2  to=45  told=1  two=1
  was=10  were=1  while=1  who=1  with=2  would=1  you=12

fq(40) = 426
83 words:
  a=29  about=1  ad=1  also=2  an=1  and=27  anyone=1  are=4
  auditing=1  banned=1  be=4  become=1  british=1  by=2  case=1
  children=2  cross=1  dianetics=1  diapetics=1  directory=1
  especially=1  ever=1  examination=1  files=1  for=1  friend=1
  from=1  god=1  had=2  has=1  have=6  he=6  her=1  his=5  hubbard=2
  i=6  ice=1  in=17  inquiry=1  is=6  it=5  johnson=1  linda=1  mind=1
  my=1  of=19  on=2  one=2  only=2  or=7  people=2  psychiatric=1
  put=1  religion=1  s=2  said=2  scientologist=1  scientology=8
  ship=1  sign=1  space=1  suppressive=1  talk=1  team=1  test=1
  that=20  the=112  their=2  them=1  these=1  thetan=2  they=3  this=2
  three=1  to=52  told=1  tray=1  was=7  which=1  who=1  wrote=1
  you=6  your=1