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Connection between Sforza and cryptography...

Hi everyone,

In the notes I took on Tranchedino a while back (from Lidia Cerioni's heavily cross-indexed book), I wrote down details on only two people: Tristano Sforza and Cecco (Cicco) Simonetta.

But it turns out that Cecco Simonetta was not only one of the key figures in the theory of cracking ciphers from the time... he was also the key Sforza family advisor while Caterina Sforza was growing up.

When the death of Caterina Sforza's father left a power vacuum, it was Bona de Savoy (who then adopted her late husband's daughter Caterina, ie, going from her half-mother to stepmother) and Cecco Simonetta (trusted family advisor) who took control and decided who went where.

Later on, one of the banished sons came back to Milan to take his revenge: this, ultimately, was the reason for Simonetta's execution in 1480.

But Simonetta was right at the heart of the Sforza family: so there seems little doubt that he was one of the key people that helped form and influence Caterina Sforza was one of the top crippies of the day.

The references to him I took down from Cerioni:-

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Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....